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Located on the Pacific coast of the United States and less than 150 miles from the Mexican border, Los Angeles is the second most populous city in the U.S. Only New York City has more residents than the 3.8 million calling the City of Angels home. Thanks to its favorable climate, mixture of cultures, and array of landmarks and attractions, L.A. is also a firm favorite with tourists, 25 million of whom visit the city year.
Anybody planning a trip to Los Angeles is sure to have Hollywood firmly placed at the top of their ‘must see’ list. As well as being the center of the movie industry, this city district is home to such iconic sites as the Hollywood Sign, which can be found looming over the city in the Hollywood Hills; the Hollywood Walk of Fame, which celebrates famous actors, musicians, and celebrities; and Grauman’s Chinese Theater, one of the most magnificent pieces of architecture within the city.
Hollywood and Downtown Los Angeles also feature a wide range of entertainment venues, clubs, restaurants, and sporting venues. Those interested in seeing how the other half live may enjoy a ride to Beverly Hills, and a shopping excursion on Rodeo Drive.
Those who want to enjoy the Californian coastline are spoilt for choice. Venice Beach offers a colorful and bohemian atmosphere, while Santa Monica has beautiful sands and waters perfect for swimming. Head north along the coast beyond Malibu and you’ll discover quieter, picturesque beaches.
Families putting together a Los Angeles trip plan will most likely want to make the trip to Anaheim just south of the downtown district in Orange County. Since 1955, Anaheim has been home of the Disneyland Park and Resort, one of the region’s most popular tourist attractions.
Other tourist attractions of interest in and around Los Angeles include Universal Studios, the Griffith Observatory, and the Getty Center.
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From Trip: West Coast
By: Raerea

POI's:From Trip: America West Coast!
By: cooper_girl21

POI's:From Trip: The Big One
By: krazzzyguy

Arrive LAX, Amtrak to San Diego 8/10/13

From Trip: Road Trip
By: eli380

POI's:From Trip: Western US
By: bradley.cullum

4 days

POI's:From Trip: USA Roadtrip
By: Ani

POI's:From Trip: Geburtstag!!!
By: Yokoyakahama

POI's:From Trip: USA-Südwesten
By: Milchnase

POI's:From Trip: amerika
By: sylvia

POI's:From Trip: California Roadtrip
By: christine_sd

POI's:From Trip: 2014 USA Road Trip
By: jasnmel48

POI's:From Trip: 2013 RTW Tom solo
By: thosgreentaylor

April 19, 2013

From Trip: Cali 2013
By: Howiemoo

POI's:From Trip: US Trip
By: Tanyah

Drive from LA to SFC

From Trip: family moon
By: chynahn

POI's:From Trip: USA Roadtrip
By: hans.gladiator@gmail

POI's:From Trip: USA 2013
By: Klara

POI's:From Trip: CA
By: Raerea

POI's:From Trip: DKF USA 2013
By: SoenWeiShen

POI's:From Trip: Gap Year Mark 2
By: bkleinekoort

-Universal Sutdios Hollywood
-Hollywood Bowl
-Hollywood Walk Of Fame
-Santa Monica Pier
-Hollywood Sign
-Hollywood Boulevard
-Dolby Theatre
-Runyon Canyon Park
-The Grammy Museum
-The Wizarding World Of Harry Potter

From Trip: Year Off
By: RachelMercer

POI's:From Trip: sharpes american adventure
By: LynneSharpe

POI's:From Trip: California
By: gawel4

Day 1: Manhattan Beach crab shack

POI's:From Trip: California
By: honeycuw

POI's:Day 2: travel to San Francisco
From Trip: KMT
By: wilallebes

POI's:From Trip: griswald holiday
By: agreen

POI's:From Trip: Usa 2014
By: StefanoCadenazzi

POI's:From Trip: California 2014
By: SantoroEmmanuele

Day 1: Warner Bros VIP Studio Tour - Universal Studios - Griffith Observatory
Day 2: Hollywood Sign - Walk of Fame -Hollywood Museum
From Trip: Amerika
By: zilwis

POI's:From Trip: WesternUSA
By: jodiw

SO many things to do in LA, you need a couple days.  Chinese Grauman Theatre, Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles for someplace different to eat, see the stars on the walk of fame, Walt Disney Concert Hall, Santa Monica Pier, Hollywood sign, Getty Center etc. 

From Trip: USA
By: will.hoevenaars

Day 1: Titta Inn 5533 Huntington Drive North CA90032
City tour
Santa Monica Pier
Venice Beach
Farmers Market
China Town
Day 2: Grauman's Chinese Theatre
Hollywood Boulevard
Sunset strip
Day 3: California Science Center 700 Exposition Park Drive
Universal Studio City Walk 100 Universal City Plaza, Universal City.
Tanger Outlet Center 
Day 4: Outlet stores near Barstow, Mojave/Barstow Fwy No.15 CA.
Mojave Desert 
From Trip: West Coast USA
By: StefanoTeatini

POI's:From Trip: Cross country
By: beisiminger

POI's:From Trip: America Sept 14
By: amygriff

POI's:From Trip: America Sept 14
By: amygriff

POI's:From Trip: America Sept 14
By: amygriff

POI's:From Trip: America Sept 14
By: amygriff

POI's:From Trip: Zirtual Trip Plan
By: mmbeltrami

Eat At: LA Ethnic Neighborhoods, Food, & Culture (tour); burger tour
Stay At: USA Hostels Hollywood or Orange Drive Hostel
Recommend day trip to San Diego, unique local favorites such as BNS Distillery, etc

From Trip: WesternUSA_planning
By: USTraveller

SO many things to do in LA, you need a couple days.  Chinese Grauman Theatre, Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles for someplace different to eat, see the stars on the walk of fame, Walt Disney Concert Hall, Santa Monica Pier, Hollywood sign, Getty Center etc. 

POI's:From Trip: USA Trip 2014
By: KimLehmann

Day 1: 15.04.2014
By: NuriaEncinasMatesanz

POI's:From Trip: West USA
By: PaulaFricker


POI's:From Trip: family holiday 2015
By: MandyMace

POI's:From Trip: ManTour Trip #1
By: gococo

Best to exist out of LAX, since it is closer to last week's travel in Las Vegas/Dallas

From Trip: California Road Trip
By: CristianaEgger

POI's:From Trip: Emma & Stuart's West Coast Road Trip
By: emmacuthbertson

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POI's:From Trip: Lifes A Trip
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POI's:From Trip: Cali with Allies
By: CamilaQuezadaViancos

Just arrive at LAX, rent a car and head north to Santa Barbara

From Trip: American Dream
By: GerbReiding

POI's:From Trip: Holman family road trip
By: takoda

POI's:From Trip: usa
By: DagmarKeim

4-6 juli

From Trip: hs3reservations
By: kabes

July 1, 2 and 3.  Walnut RV Park, 19130 Nordhoff St., Northridge, CA 91324
818-775-0704 Metro within 1/2 block $65.00 per night or $195 for 3 nights

From Trip: Tiera and James' California Adventure
By: teeruh41

POI's:From Trip: road trip california
By: RomainMathieu

POI's:From Trip: western parks
By: delavand

4:51 , 280 miles to Yosemite

From Trip: America 2015
By: pmccarthyy

POI's:From Trip: Santa Monica California
By: fabiloo

POI's:From Trip: California
By: dunkit43

POI's:From Trip: katies 30th
By: katekate25

POI's:From Trip: katies 30th
By: katekate25

POI's:From Trip: deebee07's trip 1
By: deebee07

POI's:From Trip: deebee07's trip 1
By: deebee07

POI's:From Trip: lanote's trip 1
By: lanote

POI's:From Trip: izlittle's trip 2
By: izlittle

arrive in LA 29th-30th Aug 2-3 days.

From Trip: benjaminlivingston's trip 1
By: benjaminlivingston

POI's:From Trip: spknbrood's trip 1
By: spknbrood

POI's:From Trip: murrayang's trip 1
By: murrayang

POI's:From Trip: ta2grl32's trip 1
By: ta2grl32

POI's:From Trip: lauraslanguages's trip 1
By: lauraslanguages

Venice Beach, Griffith Park, Hollywood & Highland

From Trip: 2016 Japan Trip
By: Johnseely

POI's:From Trip: vlyn's trip 1
By: vlyn

POI's:From Trip: hodgins's trip 1
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POI's:From Trip: USA Road Trip
By: thejetsetgypsy

10th - 17th Oct 

13th-16th Oct: Budget In Hollywood 

6830 Sunset Boulevard
Los Angeles
CA 90028

+1 323 466 9053

Santa Monica Park

Sunset Strip

Venice Beach


Arts District

Silver Lake

From Trip: West Coast USA
By: NBarette

Day 1:

Rodeo Drive

Hollywood Boulevard

Hollywood Sign- Brush Canyon Trail, Mount Lee

Bike along Venice Beach

Muscle Beach

From Trip: USA
By: Addicted2itAll

Santa Monica Pier
Hollywood Sign
Universal Studios
Rodeo Drive

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