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Boston is the capital and largest city in Massachusetts, and is one of the oldest cities in the United States. The largest city in New England, Boston is regarded as the unofficial 'Capital of New England' for its economic and cultural impact on the entire New England region (...) (from Wikipedia).
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From Trip: New England
By: poo1959

Arrive 2/8/13. Stay 2 nights
Possible Hotels: Westin Boston Waterfront £324 for 2  nights; Revere Hotel Boston Common £373 for 2 nights; Constitution Inn £274 for 2 nights

POI's:Day 2: Freedom Trail
From Trip: NE
By: heidcordova

POI's:From Trip: American University Elite Tours
By: fpc95

POI's:From Trip: Boston, MA
By: dcarter

POI's:From Trip: USA 2013
By: daniel1

Day 1: Freedom Trail

POI's:From Trip: Silver Wedding Trip
By: Alijahu

POI's:From Trip: New England 2014
By: JonVanDenover

POI's:From Trip: first vacation
By: 10imona

POI's:From Trip: USA
By: farhan

POI's:From Trip: Test
By: MarcBrouwer

POI's:From Trip: northeast
By: Dawn1

POI's:From Trip: New England Trip - October 2015
By: planell123

POI's:From Trip: Electric Car Charity Road Trip across America
By: kfletcher

It all started here with an argument about tea and tax.

From Trip: USA Truck Stop Canada
By: Ian12

POI's:From Trip: Zirtual Trip Plan
By: mmbeltrami

Eat At: Pizza & Little Italy Tour
Stay At: Boston Common Hotel or Best Western Roundhouse

From Trip: Summer Trip
By: rmack

Wednesday July 22nd: Depart Logan for Seattle. 

From Trip: Summer Trip
By: rmack

Sunday Aug 2nd: Home

From Trip: Braun Family Trip
By: BraunTrip

POI's:From Trip: Vacaciones 2015
By: SantiagoA.DelaCruzC.

POI's:From Trip: USA 2015
By: Bendix09

POI's:From Trip: New England
By: mhackmanaaa

POI's:From Trip: new england
By: hobesoundmc

POI's:From Trip: Northeast 2015
By: btippett

POI's:From Trip: Round the country trip
By: lthighspeed

POI's:From Trip: JrBoom8's trip 1
By: JrBoom8

POI's:From Trip: ErinManacker's trip 1
By: ErinManacker

POI's:From Trip: keya's trip 1
By: keya

POI's:From Trip: nicolas7's trip 1
By: nicolas7

POI's:From Trip: gpotter's trip 2
By: gpotter

POI's:From Trip: craftch1's trip 1
By: craftch1

POI's:From Trip: RachaelCooper's trip 1
By: RachaelCooper

Fly Dublin to Boston
Then drive from Boston to Cape Cod

From Trip: YardenShaya's trip 1
By: YardenShaya





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