LA Tourist Attractions – Being a Smart Tourist in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is such an incredible, huge and fascinating place to visit.  There are countless LA Tourist Attractions, some worthwhile and some worth skipping.  Here are some mistakes to avoid when visiting Los Angeles and some stops work making on your trip to the West Coast.

Starting with the most common mistakes to avoid, don’t assume the weather is always hot and sunny.  Regardless of the time of year you will be visiting LA, do some research into the weather in the area you will be staying and pack accordingly.  Check the forecast immediately before departing and be sure you have parked the right essentials based on the projected weather.

Probably the worst mistake commonly made by tourists to LA is not planning your drive routes or bring/ renting a GPS.  So many tourists underestimate the awful traffic in LA, particularly on the 405.  While it is the most direct route, it can turn into a parking lot at all hours of the day and night.  Having an alternate route or a GPS to guide you around traffic will save you precious time that could be spent taking in the sites, not observing LA driver’s patience (or lack thereof.)

Many tourists also pay way too much for their lodging.  A little research and preplanning can save you hundreds of dollars on your hotel bill.  Booking through sites like Priceline can potentially save a few bucks, but researching locations and comparing rates will often yield better results, as can calling the location and booking directly.

Finally, the last most common error is paying too much for LA attractions.  For one, don’t buy one of those roadside maps.  Most of what is on them isn’t even true.  Avoid the overpriced movie star home tours as well and spend your money on something worthwhile.

Some traditional LA tourist attractions not to miss include the Hollywood Walk of Fame, which is really neat to see day or night.  The Venice Beach Boardwalk, often skipped by many because of its reputation, is truly an iconic stop in LA.  Kids in particular love this stop as there is so much to see, hear and do.
Don’t miss the Original Farmers Market, which is a wonderful landmark and thriving trade market in in city.  Finally, you can’t miss the Santa Monica pier, which is an incredibly huge jetty with unbelievably well-kept structures and tons to see and do.  There are restaurants and park rides for all ages.  The Ferris wheel is a must- do at sunset.

Enjoy a trip to a fascinating, culturally diverse and quirky city.  You won’t find any place like LA in the US and we hope with these tips, your trip will be exactly what you hoped and planned.