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Stonehenge, Wiltshire, United Kingdom
30 million visitors make their way to the United Kingdom every year. While approximately 70 percent of these come from other countries within Europe, the island nation is popular with travelers from across the globe.
Planning a trip to the United Kingdom is straightforward enough, thanks to good transport links and the country’s modern amenities. The country’s major airports are all based in or around London, but there are plenty of regional airports that are also accessible.
London is a U.K. tourist hub, and the destination of choice for nearly half of those traveling from overseas. The historic city is home to world-famous landmarks and modern-day attractions, such as the world famous British Museum, Tate Modern, Tower of London and the National Gallery to name but a few.
The United Kingdom is also home to a number of other tourist-friendly cities, including Manchester – in the north of the country – and Brighton – on the south coast. Manchester has its own airport while Brighton is just an hour from London by train.
One of the U.K.’s most popular cities is Edinburgh, which is located in Scotland. Like London, Edinburgh is home to an array of historical attractions and landmarks. It’s also the location of the world-famous Edinburgh Festival, an extensive comedy and arts festival that takes place throughout August.
The majority of visitors plan a United Kingdom trip in the summer months, when the weather tends to be warmer. Of course, the U.K. is known for its ‘wet summers’ also, but it is generally dry between May and September.
For those looking for something other than a city break, the U.K. features some stunning natural environments, including the Lake District and Peak District, which are ideal for quieter getaways or nights under the stars.
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