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The ruins of Wat Chaiwatthanaram at Ayutthaya
With somewhere in the region of 19 million people visiting the country every year, Thailand is one of the most popular destinations in all of South East Asia. The country is a heady mix of traditional Eastern culture and modern Western influences, as displayed by its numerous temples and shopping malls, which often sit side-by-side.
Visitors planning a trip to Thailand will find a number of options available to them. The most common destination for international tourists is the capital city, Bangkok.
Bangkok is a vivacious metropolis that offers a vast array of attractions and amenities. Its street markets and picturesque gardens provide a cultural touch while its wild nightlife and indulgent atmosphere have made this one of the world’s favorite ‘party towns’. Amidst the hustle and bustle, visitors will find more than enough to wow them.
Thailand is no one trick pony though, and plenty of visitors elect to skip out on the uninhibited nature of Bangkok in favor of the country’s many natural beauties.
The country’s coastline includes some of the region’s most picturesque and idyllic beaches, many of which feature the warm waters of the Gulf of Siam or the Andaman Sea lapping against pure white sands. As well as providing perfect bathing spots, these beaches offer perfect relaxation, as do specialized resorts found along the Andaman, including those at Phuket.
In addition to beautiful beaches, Thailand is also home to vast rainforests, some of which can be enjoyed as part of a trek. Many visitors head into these jungles from Chiang Mai, encountering waterfalls, rivers and mountains along the way. It’s not uncommon for some treks to include an elephant ride also.
Any Thailand trip plan should take into account that monsoon season falls between May and October, so you can expect to get wet if you’re traveling during those months.

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