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The small but perfectly formed city of Dublin has captured the imagination of both literary giants and energetic partygoers over the years. Dublin is the home of both Guinness and Jameson’s whiskey, as well as being the focus of Ireland’s academic learning at Trinity College. From history to just having a good time, Dublin makes a great place for a long weekend.
Dublin is a small and compact city – a long weekend here is plenty of time to cover the highlights and wander off the beaten track a little.
The Temple Bar area is certainly central and convenient, although not on the quiet side. Alternatively, the range of accommodation around the Grafton Street Area might give you more of a tranquil choice.
Dublin is a city best appreciated on foot. If you really get tired, then consider hopping on and off the buses or take a taxi. As the distances between places really are small, walking is the cheaper option and it also gives you a better feel for the city.
Dublin is a northern European city, with a typical mix of variable weather on any given day. Temperatures rarely soar and rarely plummet. Summer is usually the best time to visit, although you will need to bring an umbrella no matter what the weather forecast says…
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From Trip: Ireland - Wicklow - Tipperary - Ring of Kerry
By: fishi

POI's:From Trip: UK (Sept 21st - Oct 15th)
By: mykron19

10/09 - day 19 - Drive 1.5hr to Dublin; explore, stay overnight 10/10 - day 20 - Explore Dublin

Day 1: 10/10

POI's:From Trip: Europe 2012
By: doyce

16th September 2012
Arrive Dublin airport @ 1115hrs. Taxi to Jurys Inn, Parnell st Dublin.
Commence 8 day Ireland tour 

From Trip: Europe 2012
By: doyce

22nd September 2012
Travel from Tralee to Dublin. Tour of Dublin
23rd September 2012.  Spare day in Dublin, transfer from Jurys Inn to Churchill Hall apartments for night of 23rd.   24th September 2012. Depart by taxi @ 0730hrs to airport for flight 1984 on Ryan air @ 0920hrs to Carcassone.

From Trip: Ireland 2013
By: jatag3

POI's:From Trip: dublin
By: hugot

POI's:From Trip: My first one
By: camilaventura

POI's:From Trip: Ireland2
By: gregor1963

POI's:From Trip: Ireland
By: JohnDineen

Staying 2 nights at the Westbury Hotel

From Trip: UK 2014
By: uneven

POI's:From Trip: Ireland Road Trip
By: charlesa

Day 1:
From Trip: Europe 2014
By: twylabaggarley

POI's:From Trip: Ireland
By: GaryShaw

POI's:From Trip: Euro Anniversary
By: jeremyandrachel2013

Day 1: Head to Lansdowne Hotel/ Irish Party House for dinner (7pm) and music (8:30pm)show. 

POI's:From Trip: Birthday Travel
By: MAriaan

POI's:From Trip: Ireland
By: Bekah

POI's:From Trip: Europe
By: Samantha12

POI's:From Trip: Zirtual Trip Plan
By: mmbeltrami

Eat At: Market Bar, Caife Tri-D, Cafe Gertrude
Stay At: Kinlay House Dublin or Dublin Inclusive

From Trip: UK 2015
By: Abhorsen0

Day 1: trinity college dublin

POI's:From Trip: Donna's Wedding
By: Angie&MarkJ

POI's:From Trip: ultimate getaway
By: JenniferLynnWilliams

december 1-7

From Trip: Ireland
By: Joe1

POI's:From Trip: Ireland
By: JenniferMcPeak

POI's:From Trip: Europe 2015
By: JurgenK

Day 1: Recovery day. Out and about in Dublin
Day 4: Tralee
From Trip: European Tour
By: angelagorniak76

Powerscourt, County Wicklow, 
Blainroe Beach, County Wicklow, Ireland
Brittas Bay, County Wicklow, Ireland

From Trip: MichelleBasson's trip 1
By: MichelleBasson

POI's:From Trip: nmsporter's trip 3
By: nmsporter

POI's:From Trip: adfergie's trip 1
By: adfergie

POI's:From Trip: dunn498's trip 2
By: dunn498

POI's:From Trip: kmwerner's trip 1
By: kmwerner

POI's:From Trip: Ireland
By: jccombs3

Day 1: Leave Indianapolis in evening and take overnight flight to Dublin
From Trip: atweg's trip 1
By: atweg

POI's:From Trip: JessicaHall's trip 1
By: JessicaHall

POI's:From Trip: Herald's Go To Ireland
By: TracyHerald

POI's:From Trip: Oceanspirit417's trip 1
By: Oceanspirit417

Tuesday 26th meet in Rogers at 3am - Mark Cumming taking us to the airport
 Aer Lingus Flight 47226 Sep-Confirmation no. 2CLNPFDublin DUB05:50Corfu CFU12:00

From Trip: IRA85I's trip 1
By: IRA85I

POI's:From Trip: pjwiggy's trip 1
By: pjwiggy

POI's:From Trip: SarahOrantes's trip 1
By: SarahOrantes

POI's:From Trip: long1ec's trip 1
By: long1ec


Day 2: Kilkenny
From Trip: IsabelleRanc's trip 1
By: IsabelleRanc

POI's:From Trip: fifitheflowerpot's trip 1
By: fifitheflowerpot

Dublin to Belfast 
$A60.00 ( Train Ride ) 

From Trip: Ireland 2023
By: Lorettav





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