Finding the Best (Free!) London Tourist Attractions

Aside from the old standards like the London Eye, Big Ben and the National Gallery, there are so many great attractions to enjoy while visiting London.  Whether you are seeking culture, art, or something offbeat, London has something to offer you.  Many of the best London tourist attractions are convenient to public transportation and below are a smattering of the best free options one can find in and around the city of London.

The London Science Museum is truly a “must see” when visiting the city.  It is a truly interactive experience, from seeing, touching and experiencing some of the most fascinating scientific advances in the last three hundred years, which is much more than you will find in most science museums in the United States.  Entry to the Science Museum is free, but some exhibits and the IMAX Theater require paid tickets.

The National Gallery is a huge space and another stop not to miss on your visit to London.  It has been called the crown jewel of Trafalgar Square and with its impressive façade and vast indoor space; one glimpse of the building and you will understand this label.  This is truly an iconic art gallery as you will find works from the well- known masters to include Renoir, Van Gogh, da Vinci, Titian, and Botticelli.  Once again, entry into the National Gallery is completely free.

One stop to make along the Thames is the Tate Modern, which is Britain’s museum of modern and contemporary art.  The building is highly unique and recognizable due to the interesting architectural style and due to the fact that the building formerly housed a power station.  In many ways, it is the perfect building to house a modern art collection.  The temporary exhibit collections are impressive as well- be sure to see what will be at the Tate Modern during your time in London.  As an added bonus, the restaurants in the gallery offer incredible views across the river to the city.  Entry into the Tate Modern is free as well.

Finally, the last stop to not miss while in London is the popular British Museum.  It arguably has the most extensive collection, unparalleled by any other museum of its kind.  Some of the highlights of the British Museum include the Rosetta Stone, the mummies in the Ancient Egypt wing and the Parthenon sculptures.  As with the Science Museum, entry is free but some exhibits require paid tickets.

Enjoy your visit to London and take in as many of the unique London Tourist Attractions as you can.  It truly is a city of diverse and rich culture with opportunities to learn and explore around every corner.