Madrid Tourist Attractions for Visitors and Locals

Some of the best, most interesting and most iconic Madrid tourist attractions are so well- known and convenient that a visitor can be tempted to bypass these stops for other items on your itinerary early in your trip.  Make time early on in your trip for these three must see sites on your next Madrid vacation.

Any trip to Madrid would be utterly incomplete without a day’s visit to the Prado Museum.  The museum is conveniently located right off the Metro red line.  This icon is what people immediately bring to mind when entertaining a trip to Madrid and with just cause.  This Madrid standby houses some of the world’s classics and masterpieces.  Admission is very reasonable and you don’t want to miss this world famous museum.

Convenient to the Metro light blue line, your next stop can be at the Reina Sofia Museum to view more classics.  The Reina Sofia houses incredible works by Dali, Picasso and Miro.  It has the added benefit of having a museum restaurant on site that is not only has excellent food but is very reasonably priced.  This allows you to better plan your visit and really take your time viewing the masterpieces and any travelling exhibits that may be housed at the museum during your stay.

One can’t pass through Madrid without a stop at the Retiro Park, also known as Plaza de Independencia. Also convenient to the Metro red line, this park is truly a calm haven amidst the bustling Madrid streets.  It becomes most popular on Sunday morning when residents and tourists alike arrive to take a leisurely stroll through the green, calming park.  It was once a palace garden and the upkeep has since remained.  Many café’s and bars remain throughout the park where you can listen to musicians play to the crowds.  This is the most relaxing stop in Madrid by a long shot.

Finally, no tourist can go to Madrid without visiting a place known as El Rastro an open air flea market. While El Rastro is in fact a very popular Madrid tourist attraction, the countless vendors, street performers and much more make it worth your while to stop by.  Shoppers can find truly unique items at a great value.  It is often a souvenir stop for tourists but it also serves as an activity in and of itself.  Visitors come by to shop and also enjoy a leisurely stroll and snack while soaking up the vibrant and friendly Madrid culture.

Madrid is truly an incredibly diverse, tolerant, colorful and laid back city.  Like the many others who have visited, it won’t take long for you to fall in love with its style and vibe.