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Craiglockhart Hydropathic Building.

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The capital city of Scotland, Edinburgh is one of the United Kingdom’s most visited tourist destinations. Despite its popularity, the city retains an air of relaxation for much of the year.

Visitors planning a trip to Edinburgh may choose to go straight for Edinburgh International Airport, which welcomes regular flights from a number of European destinations and some further afield. However, the city is also connected by road and rail to the rest of the U.K., including London. Although a train journey between London and Edinburgh will take between four and five hours, passengers will be treated to some stunning scenery along the way.

Once in the city, visitors will find that almost all accommodation is located within walking distance of Edinburgh’s most famous landmarks attraction, starting with its historic castle. For more than 800 years, Edinburgh Castle has loomed over the city. Today, visitors can enjoy a tour of this historic structure, while it also hosts the Military Tattoo – a performance featuring military drums and bagpipes – during festival season. Stretching in front of the castle lies the Royal Mile, a series of streets that feature an eclectic mix of shops, restaurants, museums and pubs. At the eastern end of the mile sits Holyroodhouse Palace, the official residence of the Royal Family. Visitors can tour parts of the palace throughout the year.

During the summer, the Edinburgh International Festival sees millions flock to the city. Combining everything from music to comedy, from film to dance, this performing arts festival is one of the most popular in the world. With the streets filled with revelers – something that also happens during the city’s Hogmanay (New Year) celebrations – visitors may wish to make the most of the natural scenery and landscapes beyond the city center.

Located beyond Holyroodhouse, Arthur’s Seat is a popular destination thanks to its stunning views of the city and beyond. Likewise, Carlton Hill provides a panoramic view of the region.

Elsewhere, visitors can add any of a number of museums to their Edinburgh trip plan, while the likes of whisky distilleries, golf courses, ghost walks and fine dining restaurants are also recommended destinations.

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From Trip: UK (Sept 21st - Oct 15th)
By: mykron19

09/27 - day 7 - Drive 3 hr from Elterwater to Edinburg; explore, stay overnight 09/28 - day 8 - Explore Edinburg; stay overnight

Day 1: 09/28 - day 8

POI's:From Trip: Europe 2012
By: doyce

11th October 2012, days 2 and 3
Travel to Jedburgh, and Edinburgh
12th October 2012
Free day in Edinburgh

From Trip: August UK
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POI's:From Trip: 5060
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POI's:From Trip: Math Trail
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Edinburgh Castle

POI's:From Trip: Kalida
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POI's:From Trip: UK2014
By: sauceypaw

B&B booked - Sunday 6/22- Wed 6/25

Day 1: Highland/Loch Ness tour booked

POI's:From Trip: Judies on tour
By: mikimac

POI's:From Trip: Holiday 2014
By: AndrewMehnert

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POI's:From Trip: Morocco & Europe backpacking 2014
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december 8-14

From Trip: Europe 2015
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Day 2: Day Trip to Loch Ness
Day 3: Ghost Tour -
From Trip: Scotland 2015
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Dumfermline Castle

From Trip: Scotland road trip
By: LucyElliott

POI's:From Trip: Scotland
By: kgweber

Day 1: July 16-18 Tour Edinburgh

By: MOE1467

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Day 1: Arrive.
From Trip: srfmoyle's trip 1
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POI's:From Trip: Europe 2018
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POI's:From Trip: Scotland Part 2!
By: Justmel

1 hour 22 mins. from Edinburgh to Dundee
1 hour 20 mins from Dundee to Aberdeen
2 hours 22 mins from Aberdeen to Inverness
40 mins from Inverness to Aviemore

From Trip: HeatherGrant's trip 1
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