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Sydney opera house by Matthew Field
Despite being home to more than 23 million people, Australia is one of the most sparsely populated countries in the world, due to its immense size and wide range of climates and landscapes. This doesn’t stop it from being a favorite with international tourists.

In a land known for its natural beauty, Australia’s most famous natural landmark is Uluru, or Ayers Rock as it is also known. This giant sandstone rock is found in central Australia, in the Northern Territory. Despite being more than 400 kilometers from the nearest town (Alice Springs), Uluru is visited by approximately 300,000 tourists every year. 

Another of Australia’s most popular tourist attractions is the Great Barrier Reef, which is located in the Coral Sea off the northeast coast of the country. Those planning a trip to Australia that wish to enjoy this magnificent collection of corals and marine life should look to visit Cairns, Townsville, or another Northern Queensland coastal city.

Australia is also home to deserts, mountain ranges, and rainforests, but there’s more to the country than stunning landscapes, picturesque sceneries, and the outback.

Australia is home to a host of vibrant cities. From Darwin in the north to Melbourne in the south, from Perth in the west to Brisbane in the east, Australian cities enjoy all of the modern amenities you’d expect, as well as some truly unique features. Sydney Harbor Bridge and Sydney Opera House are two fine examples of such, and both should be included on any Australia trip plan wherever possible.

As well as these cities, tourists also flock to Australia to enjoy the vast lengths of coastline. Brisbane and the Gold Coast are both popular destinations with surfers, beach bums, and even those that wish to spot a whale or two. 

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