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A combination of vast uninhabited terrains and exciting cities, Canada is one of a popular tourist destination with travelers from around the world. Some 35 million visitors plan a trip to Canada every year.

The North American country’s most popular tourist attraction is Niagara Falls. Made famous by the 1953 Marilyn Monroe film, Niagara, the Ontario town has become the ‘Honeymoon Capital of the World’. Fear not though - the famed waterfalls and stunning riverside scenery is suitable to the long-time married and singletons alike.

Canada’s most popular tourist city is Toronto, which can be found 130km from Niagara Falls, across Lake Ontario. The city is home to the Royal Ontario Museum, the largest museum in Canada - the CN Tower, which features a 1,465ft high observation deck that offers stunning views of the region, and plenty of launching points from which to take a boat trip on the Great Lake itself.

On the West Coast, Vancouver is a highly popular destination. The city – which can be found in the province of British Columbia close to the U.S. border – features a wealth of scenic attractions. These include Stanley Park, home to forests, beaches, rose gardens, and the Vancouver Aquarium; the Capilano Suspension Bridge, a 450ft high wooden bridge that traverses a deep gorge; and Brockton Visitor Center, which hosts a range of authentic totem poles.

Visitors interested in getting a taste of the Great Outdoors have plenty of options when planning a Canada trip. The Canadian Rockies mountain range can be explored from Calgary or Edmonton while the Cabot Trail – a 300km coastal road – offers splendid Nova Scotia scenery. The trail is accessible from the city of Halifax.

For a truly wondrous natural sight, head to Yellowknife – the capital city of the Northwest Territory – and witness the spectacular Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights) illuminate the night sky.
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