The Best Berlin Tourist Attractions

Many people do not think of Berlin as a tourist destination, but the city is a wonderfully diverse and interesting destination.  Below is a list of some of the best Berlin tourist attractions.

Any visit to Berlin should unquestionably include a visit to the Berlin Wall.  While only a few structures still remain standing, Checkpoint Charley, still standing and preserved, is an absolute must.  Many visitors to this day find the Berlin Wall sites humbling, emotional and heavily thought- provoking.  Standing near the wall, it is not difficult to envision the challenges and struggles that occurred in that very place.

When planning a Berlin vacation itinerary, many visitors do not realize that you can actually do a city tour by boat.  This is a beautiful way to tour and a great way to get away from traffic, people and tourists.  Unique photographic opportunities are found along the way.  There are several boat tours to choose from and most last between one and two hours.  One of the most convenient locations to originate the boat tour is Haus der Kulturen.

Veteran Berlin travelers and locals alike universally identify the Pergamon Museum as another must on your trip.  This museum features ancient art, statues, walls and even buildings from the Greek, Islamic, Egyptian, Babylonian and other civilizations and cultures.  Many of the exhibits are utterly massive and this museum is truly unique in its collection and for that reason alone makes the Pergamon Museum a must- see on your Berlin vacation.

Some of the best Berlin tourist attractions are found only by exploring the city without a guidebook and itinerary and being out and about.  Berlin is a city that is friendly, culture- rich, diverse and welcoming.  To experience it in totality and to fully appreciate the city and its many faces really requires unstructured time to explore at all times.  A walk for coffee early in the morning, a stroll mid day, and time to experience Berlin’s night life all play into the larger tapestry that is the city.  Schedule a day on your trip to do just that.  Most importantly, enjoy the community, the culture, the city and the people of Berlin.