What is Voyajo

Voayjo is a powerful trip designer and planner. With a few clicks you can search the community trips to match your requirements or plan your trip from scratch.

What Voyajo means?

Voyajo comes from the word Voyajar in the Ido language which means To Travel.

Is it free?

Yes. And it always will be.

How to use Voyajo

It's easy to use Voyajo by searching a trip in the area you would like to visit. If you don't find what you are looking for - you can plan a trip from scratch.
Our database has about 185,000 destinations and about 300,000 places of interest (Poi's).

Will Voyajo use my private trips & content?

Of course not. If you prefer to keep your trips private then nobody will be able to see or use them.
We prefer that you share your content with the community as the community shares with you.

How can I add new content to Voyajo

We are always adding new content to our database, but we also working on a tool that will give you the options to add new content to our website.
If you Sign in we will send you an email when the time comes.

Who wrote the site's content?

There are two kinds of trips – Site recommended or Community.
Each trip can be shared or unshared  with the community.
The Community trips are designed and written by you and other members of the community. 
The Site recommended trips are written by expert tourism writers.

What about the future ? 
  • Our main target is to become the largest trip community.
  • Voyajo's goal is to let the community build new Destinations & Poi's.
  • Iphone Application is on the way. (Android app is on Google Play)
  • Use Calendar on Planning your trips.

How can i buy tourism merchandise?

All the purchase (Flights, Hotels, Cars, Etc.) are redirected from the website

What if I have more questions?

If you have questions about using the website please write to info@voyajo.com 
If you have problems with our website please write to Admin@voyajo.com 

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