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There’s a reason that Orlando is known as the ‘Theme Park Capital of the World’. The Central Florida city is home to some of the largest theme parks in the world, including the world-famous Walt Disney World.
Somewhere in the region of 50 million people visit Orlando and Central Florida every year, and almost all of those planning a trip to Orlando for leisure will have at least one of the region’s theme parks on their itinerary.
Most visitors arrive at Orlando International Airport, which is located just moments from the Downtown Orlando district. Other visitors arrive by one of Florida’s main interstates (I-75, I-95). Thanks to the region’s climate, year-round tourism is not only an option in this part of the world, but a reality.
Walt Disney World opened in 1971 and has since entertained millions of visitors every year since. But the famous Disney resort isn’t the only tourist attraction in the region. Millions of visitors take in the likes of Universal Studios Florida, which features thrill rides, performances, and a host of other family-friendly entertainment; SeaWorld Orlando, which features a slew of marine life, and Wet ‘N’ Wild Orlando, a water park that’s a favorite among younger visitors.
While there’s no denying the tourist pull of these monolithic theme parks, Orlando has more to offer than just family thrills.
This part of Central Florida is particularly picturesque, and features a wealth of parks and lakes. It’s also a golfer’s paradise, housing numerous championship courses. Downtown Orlando is home to an array of modern city amenities, and is less intense than some other large U.S. cities. Those finalizing their Orlando trip plan might also want to consider including a trip to Cape Canaveral and the Kennedy Space Center.
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Arrive 11:45am. Pick up Thrifty car in airport.

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11251 Harbour Villa Road
Orlando Florida

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Universal Studios Orlando

Islands of Adventure

Check-in After 4pm: Westgate Palace Resort

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