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The Twin Towers NYC
314 million people call the United States of America home. Despite this large volume of residents, much of the country –which spans some 3,000 miles east to west – remains uninhabited. Deserts, mountains, plains and mighty rivers are all common features.
Anybody planning a trip to the USA therefore needs to consider the type of vacation they’re looking for. After all, America is a big place and it has a whole lot to offer.
Tourists looking to enjoy a city break tend to head for one of America’s major cities, the most common being Washington, San Francisco, Los Angeles and, of course, New York City. Each of these offers enough for a major vacation by itself. Smaller cities like Boston and Philadelphia also have a lot to offer, but generally have a much less hectic pace about them.
Popular tourist destinations include Florida, which is home to famous attractions like Universal Studios and Disneyworld, not to mention beautiful sunshine, and Colorado, which is a popular choice with skiers, particularly during the winter months.
Plenty of tourists plan their USA trip to take in famous sites across the country, including the Grand Canyon, Hoover Dam and Mount Rushmore. A road trip along historic Route 66 is a popular choice with those looking to see the heart of America.
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