Amsterdam Events

Queen's Day:
On April 30th, Holland celebrates the birthday of Queen Beatrice. She was in fact born in late January of 1938, but the middle of winter is not a good time for celebrations. Queen's Day is called in Holland "Free Day" for a number of reasons. Besides the fact that it's an official holyday, in which all establishments and museums and most shops are closed, a huge birthday party is celebrated around the kingdom, going on for at least two days. The event begins on April 29th, and peaks throughout the next day. Around Amsterdam many wear orange and have an enormous market around the entire city, in which strange and bizarre home objects are sold.
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The Canal Festival:
During the last two weeks of August, an extraordinary music festival takes place in the canal area. Music is played by live bands and orchestras, and songs are sung by choirs on dozens of boats and ships sailing along the canals. The festival attracts many tourists.
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Art Amsterdam:
An annual event which takes place between May 26th and May 30th. During the event, 1120 separate exhibitions are shown around the city, each devoted to a different artist. The exhibitions are held at leading galleries and other venues, such as churches, culture centers, schools, etc.
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