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Vancouver is a coastal city located in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia, Canada. It is named for British Captain George Vancouver, who explored and first mapped the area in the 1790s.The name Vancouver itself originates from the Dutch 'van Coevorden', denoting somebody from Coevorden, a city (...) (from Wikipedia).
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From Trip: Across Canada
By: markoz65

POI's:From Trip: West Coast 1
By: sandersjt999

POI's:From Trip: Canada Rockies
By: ymlee

21 May 2013 - Starts of from Vancouver

From Trip: Canada Rockies
By: ymlee

27 May 2013 - Return to Canada

From Trip: xxxxx
By: Gav_KH

POI's:From Trip: Vancouver BC
By: DebKleber

POI's:From Trip: yosemite
By: stuy99

buchart gardens

From Trip: Summer Trip
By: rmack

Friday July 31st - Sunday Aug 2nd: Stay at Four Seasons, Vancouver.
(Sunday returning Midnight Boston Time, fly home.)

From Trip: Sacramento Road Trip
By: sachen

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From Trip: Canada
By: SolangePlebani

POI's:Day 2: Granville Island

POI's:From Trip: Vancouver
By: MargusKamar

POI's:From Trip: 2017 Trip
By: dianagerald

POI's:From Trip: bhohmann's trip 2
By: bhohmann

POI's:From Trip: lauraslanguages's trip 1
By: lauraslanguages

Stanley Park, Seawall, Granville Island

From Trip: West Canada
By: leonierobyn

POI's:From Trip: BradleyBoyer's trip 1
By: BradleyBoyer

POI's:Day 2: White Rock Beach
From Trip: trav2024's trip 1
By: trav2024

rocky mountain train trip

From Trip: Mclegg's trip 1
By: Mclegg

POI's:Day 2: stanley park





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