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London is the capital of England and the United Kingdom, the largest metropolitan area in the United Kingdom and the largest urban zone in the European Union by most measures. London has been a major settlement for two millennia, its history going back to its founding by the Romans, who called it (...) (from Wikipedia).
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From Trip: Trip around United Kingdom
By: granna

POI's:From Trip: Trip around United Kingdom
By: granna

POI's:From Trip: Europe (Aug 1st - Sept 21st)
By: mykron19

09/21: Arrive in London Friday in the evening and start road trip through UK.

From Trip: UK (Sept 21st - Oct 15th)
By: mykron19

09/21 - day 1 - reach London in the evening from Brussels; spend 1 night 09/22 - day 2 - start trip on Saturday

From Trip: UK (Sept 21st - Oct 15th)
By: mykron19

10/13 - day 23 - Drive 25 min to London; stay overnight 10/14 - day 24 - meet Bebe 10/15 - day 25 - fly out to NZ

From Trip: Europe 2012

Day 1: We will probably sleep of jet lag this day

POI's:From Trip: London the cultural city
By: yoel

Day 1:  – Royal London
Start – Westminster Underground Station.
The point of departure for this route is a visit to Westminster Abbey. The abbey is situated on the northern bank of the Thames, right next to Big Ben and Parliament. At the end of the visit to Westminster we recommend crossing Whitehall Street towards the river bank and visiting Big Ben and Parliament. 
In order to reach the next station on the route – the London Eye Ferris Wheel, you need to cross the river by walking over Westminster Bridge. Immediately after crossing the river you turn left and walk for a few minutes along the river's southern bank, heading north, until you reach the London Eye Ferris Wheel. It's very prominent, and you can't miss it. 
When the ride on the Ferris wheel comes to an end we recommend crossing the river back to its northern bank, the same way we came, on Westminster Bridge. 
Immediately after crossing the bridge, turn and walk right (north) on the northern bank of the Thames along the Victoria Embankment. When you reach Northumberland Ave., turn left (west) and walk on the wide avenue until you get to Trafalgar Square. 
After getting a general impression of the square, and feeding the pigeons that abound there  we recommend a visit to the National Gallery. 
After visiting at the National Gallery, walk along The Mall. A large part of this walk goes through St. James Park, until you reach Buckingham Palace. This is the end of the route for the first day. 
End: Hyde Park Corner Underground Station.

POI's:Day 2: – Northwest London
Start – Paddington Station
After leaving Paddington Station, go around to the back of the station. Here there's a narrow passage for pedestrians leading towards Little Venice. If the direction isn't entirely clear you can ask one of the policemen stationed at the station's entrance to show you the way to Little Venice. 
After visiting the Little Venice area and looking at the boats that dock there, we recommend walking along Regent's Canal until you reach Regent's Park. When you get to the border of the park, turn and walk right (south) along the border of the park on Park Road, until you reach the Madame Tussauds Wax Museum. Here we recommend visiting the Madame Tussauds Museum, on the southern edge of Regent's Park. 
When the visit is over cross the park to the north. You practically walk along the entire length of the park on a path called The Broad Walk, until you get to the London Zoo. Throughout the park are signs pointing in the direction of the zoo. When you finish visiting the zoo we recommend that you continue to walk along the canal. A paved path right by the canal leads from the northern edge of the zoo to Camden Town. Here you should visit and do some extensive shopping at Camden Market, which is one of the cheapest places to shop in this city. 
The tour ends at the Camden Town Underground Station.

POI's:Day 3: – Along the Riverbanks
Start: The St. Paul Underground Station.
The first station on this route is St. Paul's Cathedral, located on the northern bank of the River Thames. After visiting the giant cathedral, walk south towards the river. After crossing Queen Victoria Street you reach the bank of the Thames and the newest bridge that crosses over the river. This is a bridge for pedestrians called The Millennium Bridge, and it was inaugurated in 2000. 
After crossing the river over the metal bridge you arrive at the entrance of Tate Modern, and you visit the gallery. 
At the end of the visit at the gallery, you should walk along the river heading east (the river is to your left). Several hundreds meters away is Shakespeare's reconstructed Globe Theatre. 
In the evenings you can see a play at the theatre, and during the day we recommend touring around the building. 
After this visit, continue further east along the southern bank of the river until you reach London's new City Hall. After touring around the building, which looks like a glass egg slanted on its side, cross the river to its northern bank, over Tower Bridge. 
We recommend visiting the different stories of the bridge, and from there continuing on to visit the Tower of London on the northern bank. 
End of the route: the Tower Hill Underground Station.

POI's:Day 4: – Center of Town
Start: Piccadilly Circus Underground Station.
From the Piccadilly Circus station walk northeast along Coventry Street. This is considered to be one of London's most beautiful and lovely areas. It has interesting fashion shops and a lot of bookshops and art galleries. We recommend walking along Leicester Street, crossing Charing Cross, then continue to walk on Long Acre Street until you get to Covent Garden, and then spend some time there. 
After that, walk along Bow Street heading northwest, and from there continue to Endell Street, until you reach Bloomsbury Street and continue to the British Museum. Visit the British Museum and afterwards return to Bloomsbury Street and walk south until you reach Oxford Street, the city's most famous shopping street.
Take a walk on Oxford Street, heading west to the edge of Hyde Park until Marble Arch. Along this walk you'll pass by some of the largest department stores in London. We recommend a visit to Selfridges. 
This route ends at: Marble Arch Underground Station.

POI's:Day 5: – Kew Gardens and the City's Southwest
Start: Westminster Underground Station
To visit the Royal Botanical Gardens, take the Underground's District line (green) towards Richmond until the Kew Gardens station. 
After visiting Kew Gardens take the same line to the South Kensington station. When you leave the station, cross Cromwell Road heading north, and walk along Exhibition Road until you reach the Natural History Museum and the Science Museum. 
After visiting these museums, walk back to Cromwell Road and head northeast. If you continue walking on Brompton Road you will reach one of the best known department stores in the city – Harrods. 
End of the route: Knightsbridge Underground Station.

POI's:From Trip: Europe Holiday
By: rcamareno1

POI's:From Trip: Europe
By: gurtonp

Day 1: Check into hotel, rest and recover from jet lag. (European Hotel) Then head out (if up to it) for a nice dinner nearby.
Day 2: Big english breakfast at the hotel. Still will be getting used to jet lag, take it easy today but also try and head out to explore the town. Suggestions a ride on the london eye, a ride on the double decker bus, light shopping and some dinner!

POI's:Day 5: Check out of Hotel by 11am, get on the train and head to Paris. 3 hour train ride to Paris, arrive and check into hotel, relax and head out for a lovely French dinner.
From Trip: Europe 2014
By: alderwiser

3 days

From Trip: Europe 2012
By: doyce

16th September 2012
Arrive London airport, Heathrow , @ 0540hrs at terminal 3
Walk to terminal 1 for flight to Dublin
Depart Heathrow @ 0955hrs on Aer Lingus flight E10155

From Trip: Europe 2012
By: doyce

9th October 2012
Arrive at Heathrow airport @ 1135hrs. Airport transfer by Cosmo travel to Kensington Hotel 109-113 Queen's Gate | South Kensington, London.

From Trip: Europe 2012
By: doyce

19th October Taxi? to Hyde Park Suites, 8 Craven Hill, London for 6 nights accomodation.
25th October 2012
Depart London by train @0915hrs for Paris

From Trip: Go East towards London Olympic Park
By: yool

Day 1: Starting at Liverpool Street tube.
The first attraction will be the Dennis Severs' House which is very unique and bring you to an atmosphere of a Georgian house. 
Next I will go to  Geffrye Museum which gives demonstrates periods of time from 1600 till our time.
Now come the time to get closer to the Olympic atmosphere by walking  to Victoria Park and start seeing what happens there. After a break in the Park I will go to the ArcelorMittal Orbit , the high observation tower to have a panorama view of all the entire Olympic park.
The Olympic Stadium will be the highlight of the day with all the competitions and the atmosphere.
You can see the detailed directions in the Trip Summary although they can be some changes as all the area was reconstructed.

POI's:From Trip: London for Planet Eclipse
By: jamesfrankfurt

POI's:From Trip: 4 Days, London
By: dewang

POI's:From Trip: london trip
By: psimpson5133

POI's:From Trip: london trip
By: psimpson5133

POI's:From Trip: london trip
By: psimpson5133

POI's:From Trip: Electric Car Charity Road Trip - UK & Ireland End to End
By: kfletcher

From Trip: Backpacking Europe
By: mcnamare

POI's:From Trip: uk by car
By: rachelj

POI's:From Trip: euro
By: esalimon

POI's:From Trip: My first one
By: camilaventura

POI's:From Trip: Europe Trip
By: JosieWeller

POI's:From Trip: Europa Fonseca-Aguilera Family Vacation 2014
By: guayo

POI's:From Trip: Eurotrip
By: kandielyse

Visit Tahlia. London Eye. Buckingham Palace. Big Ben. Westminster Abbey. Camden Markets. Oxford Street. Harry Potter Experience. 

POI's:From Trip: Minnion Trip:
By: lindsay95

POI's:From Trip: Europe 2014
By: maiarezk

POI's:From Trip: My trip
By: mikeheroys

POI's:From Trip: UK road trip
By: karmalo

POI's:From Trip: England
By: eliv

POI's:From Trip: england
By: thomasbb

POI's:From Trip: tom
By: lynnebu

POI's:From Trip: UK
By: seh2110

Madame Toussauds

POI's:From Trip: UK
By: seh2110

POI's:From Trip: EuroTrip 2014
By: georgaco

POI's:From Trip: England
By: eurotrashben

POI's:From Trip: Eng Scot Iirland
By: urinbal

POI's:From Trip: Francia 2014
By: carlosyair

POI's:From Trip: summer
By: triporg

POI's:From Trip: European Adventure
By: Jih

POI's:From Trip: Londyn
By: kolas76

POI's:From Trip: UK2014
By: sauceypaw

POI's:From Trip: London, England
By: cmgruny

POI's:From Trip: Scotland 2014
By: pientka

POI's:From Trip: UK 2014
By: NutYong

POI's:From Trip: Switzerland - England
By: andyhope

POI's:From Trip: uk and paris
By: randyread

POI's:From Trip: CraigandShellstrip2Europe2014
By: CraigWylde

POI's:From Trip: The London Experience
By: Lina_Parra12

POI's:From Trip: Europe
By: jenn

POI's:From Trip: Padierna Verano
By: iaroches

POI's:From Trip: Continental Teaser + Euro-Centric
By: JosieWeller

POI's:From Trip: Europe
By: Samantha12

POI's:From Trip: London Summer 2014
By: WilliamChan

westminister abbey

From Trip: Eastern Europe
By: monicax

POI's:From Trip: 40th
By: lenzie75

POI's:From Trip: Zirtual Trip Plan
By: mmbeltrami

Eat At: Brawn (after Sunday flower market), Rasa, The Dolls House
Stay At: Best London Hostel or Palmer's Lodge - Swiss Cottage

From Trip: UK 2015
By: Abhorsen0

POI's:From Trip: Europe bwalkera
By: Darrenwalk

POI's:From Trip: Extended Europe
By: paulafischer

POI's:From Trip: London
By: MajaBacnik1

POI's:From Trip: dream trip
By: ew80195

plane from Auckland to London 24 hours

somethings to do

british musem

London eye


From Trip: Donna's Wedding
By: Angie&MarkJ

POI's:From Trip: ultimate getaway
By: JenniferLynnWilliams

december 14-21

From Trip: Tres semanas en Europa
By: MarcoPoloIII

POI's:From Trip: Europe
By: chloe1

POI's:From Trip: London Tour
By: sienah

POI's:From Trip: Europe--Sept.-Oct. 2015
By: tberrycastle

POI's:From Trip: USA
By: BenSmith

Fly London to New York JFK, Flight DL4358, flown by Virgin Atlantic VS111
Flight time LHR 12.30 - JFK 15:25

POI's:From Trip: USA
By: BenSmith

POI's:From Trip: UK2015
By: DanielBates

POI's:From Trip: Honeymoon 2015
By: LeeWatkins

Arrive: 15:05pm
Bus: Departs Heathrow 18:35pm - arrives Stroud 21:15pm

POI's:From Trip: Europe 2015
By: RebeccaSSchiller

POI's:From Trip: Scotland
By: gelud

POI's:From Trip: Scotland
By: gelud

POI's:From Trip: American Life
By: NicholasCamero

POI's:From Trip: tammy trip
By: dafni38

POI's:From Trip: trip
By: dales

POI's:From Trip: NZ to UK
By: HelenCook13

POI's:From Trip: amazing
By: sebastiantarlach

POI's:From Trip: London 15`
By: ofirnir

POI's:From Trip: My South America Journey
By: GraemeBarrow

Day 1;
Board link train

From Trip: Fall 2015
By: Girly0703

Arrive by Plane to London England on Sept. 16th 2015

Day 1: Arrive Wednesday September 16th in London, England.
From Trip: BMTH to Skyp
By: avadheshMishra

POI's:From Trip: 50 + overlander
By: Edinburger

POI's:From Trip: The next chapter!
By: Katt_Elenor

POI's:From Trip: Vakantie 2015
By: EddyCrequie

POI's:From Trip: Europe: Greece to UK
By: Kimmystrip

London Eye, Tower of London, Buckingham Palace, Palace of Westminster, British Museum, National Gallery, Big Ben, Trafalgar Square, Shakespeare Globe Theatre, Absolute Radio Studios, BBC Studios, Beatles Museum

From Trip: Carol's 50th
By: GDunn

Day 1: tour city on a bus package or something
From Trip: Europe 40Anos

Day 1:

Tentar pegar Hotel na Piccadilly Circus Roteiro 1 – você visitará os principais cartões postais da cidade, começando pelo Big Ben, fazendo um circuito que inclui o Palácio de Buckingham, Trafalgar Square e termina na famosa roda gigante panorâmica, a London Eye.

Day 2: Roteiro 2 – um passeio por um dos bairros mais nobres de Londres, em que se localizam o comércio de luxo da cidade, incluindo a loja de departamentos Harrods, três museus maravilhosos e o Hyde Park/Kensington Gardens. Neste dia, você terá oportunidade de tomar um delicioso e super tradicional chá da tarde.
Day 3: Roteiro 3 – neste roteiro, você visitará a Torre de Londres e, na sequência, passearemos de barco pelo Rio Tâmisa até Greenwich. No final do dia, uma visita especial à Catedral de São Paulo, ou à galeria de arte moderna Tate Modern.
Day 4: Roteiro 4 – você conhecerá o impressionante Museu Britânico, seguido de um passeio por Covent Garden, Leicester Square, Piccadilly Circus e pela região comercial da cidade. Para terminar, o roteiro inclui o museu de cera Madame Tussauds ou uma excelente galeria de arte.
From Trip: August 2016
By: XanderSchomaker

POI's:From Trip: nomad
By: christo


From Trip: Europe
By: StaceyJane88

Stay 4 nights

Travel by eurorail to paris

From Trip: Hilda & Tom
By: honeymoss

Leave London City Airport on CITYJET WX281

at 2:30 PM.  Arrive in Florence at 5:55 PM.

Private Transfer by Savoy Hotel from Airport to Hotel





Conf # 86758056  Superior Deluxe King Bedded Room with Virtuoso Amenities

POI's:From Trip: test
By: spdhosting

POI's:From Trip: UK
By: inaa

POI's:From Trip: Luna de Miel Europa
By: adolfort

POI's:From Trip: London
By: CleetusAwrightus

POI's:From Trip: UK Trip
By: JiaQinHo

POI's:From Trip: 2016 Trip via Thailand
By: Suzyqjaycob

POI's:From Trip: alvarez.santi's trip 2
By: alvarez.santi

POI's:From Trip: Wolfie's trip 1
By: Wolfie

POI's:From Trip: brucenix's trip 2
By: brucenix

2/10/16 Hotel check-in.

3/10/16 Hotel check-out and collect hire car.

Drive to Stratford-upon-Avon via Oxford

From Trip: adfergie's trip 1
By: adfergie

POI's:From Trip: scottone11's trip 1
By: scottone11

stay with steven and wendy

POI's:From Trip: mjacksonmd's trip 1
By: mjacksonmd

POI's:From Trip: DebDugas's trip 1
By: DebDugas

POI's:From Trip: DarylChechel's trip 1
By: DarylChechel

POI's:From Trip: Graduation Present 2017
By: kayrash

Day 1: Tower of London, London Bridge
From Trip: Americaribbean
By: GalRossabi

British Airways 117
London (LHR)
Terminal: 5

New York (JFK)
Terminal: 7
Class: Economy (N)
7h 35m duration

POI's:From Trip: United Kingdom
By: dbarrett307

POI's:From Trip: Emilywong's trip 1
By: Emilywong

POI's:From Trip: strome's trip 2
By: Strome

6+30 min via A16

From Trip: dorothydang's trip 1
By: dorothydang

Day 1: Arrive London at 2:10pm
From Trip: Eastern Europe
By: JohnT

Fly is easiest, train is expensive, there's also a bus

From Trip: peachie1002's trip 1
By: peachie1002

POI's:From Trip: Duncan's trip 3
By: Duncan

POI's:From Trip: RachelMendoza's trip 1
By: RachelMendoza

POI's:From Trip: Xmas Europe 2019 O/S Ph 0489 938 180
By: stritthof2

Arrive Saturday 30th November 2019
Depart Thursday 5th December 2019
5 Nights

From Trip: e.miranda's trip 1
By: e.miranda

POI's:From Trip: Jim and Shelley trip 1
By: shelleycollinsrn

POI's:From Trip: Grand UK
By: DianneRosson

Buckingham Palace, Windsor Castle, Hampton Court Palace, London Walks

From Trip: Speculative 1
By: TimWebb

POI's:From Trip: ervington's trip 2019 April

POI's:From Trip: twen006's trip 1
By: twen006

POI's:From Trip: London 2019
By: stritthof2

POI's:From Trip:'s trip 1

22nd April Manchester 

From Trip: cerysmcadam's trip 1
By: cerysmcadam

POI's:From Trip: m.menegol's trip 1
By: m.menegol

POI's:From Trip: allwoman's trip 2
By: allwoman


From Trip: staceym4252's trip 2
By: staceym4252

POI's:From Trip: CarlWafer's trip 1
By: CarlWafer

POI's:From Trip: Spritie02's trip 1
By: Spritie02

POI's:From Trip: RYLIETHOUSE's trip 1

POI's:From Trip: preteau's trip 1
By: preteau

POI's:From Trip: preteau's trip 2
By: preteau

POI's:From Trip: PaulH1954's trip 1
By: PaulH1954

POI's:From Trip: dhindel18's trip 1
By: dhindel18

Begin in London by dropping off luggage at Phoebe's family friend's place. Arrive on May 6th. Leave May 8th. 

From Trip: Europe 2023
By: Arthur

POI's:From Trip: anatxu's trip 1
By: anatxu

Gatwich aereport to Victoria station

From Trip: mlord's trip 1
By: mlord

POI's:From Trip: george2008's trip 1
By: george2008

POI's:From Trip: rgabel's trip 1
By: rgabel

POI's:From Trip: RuthSherman's trip 1
By: RuthSherman

POI's:From Trip: BJAD's trip 2

POI's:From Trip: KiwiRuth's trip 1
By: KiwiRuth





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