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The volcanic lakes of Sete Cidades on the island of São Miguel.
Located in Western Europe, bordering Spain and the North Atlantic Ocean, Portugal is one of the continent’s most popular tourist destinations, thanks to an eclectic mix of historical and scenic locations, and sun-soaked beaches. Most people planning a trip to Portugal will decide between a city break and a beach resort. The most popular mainland destinations include Lisbon, Porto and the Algarve.

The capital city of Lisbon is home to an array of historical landmarks and museums that prove wildly popular with visitors making plans to visit Portugal. These include the Belem Tower, the Jeronimos Monastery and St. George’s Castle.

Porto has a modern element to it and is a popular destination with wine lovers. The Northern Portuguese city resides close to a wide range of wineries. Of course, the well known port is produced here.

The Algarve – located in the south of the country close to the Mediterranean Sea – is a popular destination with those in search of beach resorts. The sun, sea, sand and surf on offer here is more than enough to please, although the region is also home to some other wonderful locations, including the Costa Vincentina National Park.

The other side to Portuguese tourism is its wildly popular islands. Millions of visitors each year head to the likes of Azores and Madeira.

Azores, located some 1,500km west of Portugal’s coastline, makes for a peaceful and charming resting place. Visitors can enjoy beaches, pools, and the other trappings expected of a resort destination, as well as a number of natural attractions, including Lagoa das Sete Cidades, a lake contained within the crater of a dormant volcano on Sao Miguel Island.

Madeira, located 750km off the west coast of Morocco in the North Atlantic Ocean, is one of the world’s most popular fun-in-the-sun resorts. The likes of Funchal and Santa Cruz welcome an array of visitors every year. Like Azores, there’s much more to Madeira than sandy beaches and sunscreen.
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