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With some 15 million international tourists planning a trip to Paris every year, the capital city of France is the world’s most popular destination for overseas visitors.
Famed for its magnificent architecture and delicious cuisine, and renowned as the City of Love, Paris is as popular with those looking for a weekend break as it is for those looking for an extended vacation.
The city’s main airport – Charles de Gaulle Airport – is located in the northern suburbs of the city and features a regular, high-speed rail link to the city center. Paris is also readily accessible from many of Europe’s other major cities via road.
The French capital’s most famous landmarks include the Eiffel Tower, originally a temporary structure that has become a permanent Parisian tourist staple; the Scare-Coeur, a basilica that offers stunning views over the city; Notre-Dame cathedral, located on the Ile de la Cite at the very heart of Paris; and the Arc de Triomphe, built to commemorate Napoleon’s victory in the Battle of Austerlitz.
Paris is also home to two of the most popular museums in the world. Firstly, the Musee du Louvre, which exhibits such famous works of art as the Venus de Milo and Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa, as well as relics that date back to Ancient Greece, Rome and Egypt. Secondly, the Musee d’Orsay – which has been converted from an old railway station – houses some of the most famous paintings in the world, including works by Monet, Van Gogh, and Renoir, amongst others.
As well as its rich heritage, Paris is also a modern city, featuring everything from huge shopping malls to state-of-the-art performance venues. Of course, any Paris trip plan should incorporate a visit to any of its vast assortments of restaurants, cafés, bistros, or any other eatery serving that famous cuisine.
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From Trip: Paris Art and Romance in the City of Lights
By: yoel

Day 1:  - Royalty, Mystery and Revolution – The Tuileries Quarter
Starting point: Place de la Concorde (Metro - Concorde)
Place de la Concorde is a spectacular sight in Paris. From here, you can see the Eiffel Tower in the distance and the Louvre close up. You can gaze along the tree-lined Champs-Élysees that stretches all the way to the Arc de Triomphe.
Another reason to start here is to beat the queues for the Louvre. Walk through the Jardin des Tuileries and enter the Louvre Museum through the glass pyramid. Signs will direct you towards the Mona Lisa, the Louvre’s most celebrated painting, but with everything else that’s on offer inside, plan on spending at least half a day here.If you still have an appetite for art after the Louvre, then try the Musée de l’Orangerie or the Jeu de Paume on either side of the Jardin des Tuileries.
Walk along the banks of the River Seine on the Quai des Tuileries (it turns into the Quai du Louvre) until you reach the oldest bridge in Paris, the Pont Neuf.
Half way across the bridge, turn left onto the landmass of the Ile de la Cité and follow Quai des Orfèvres along the side of the river until you see signs for the Notre Dame Cathedral.
After Notre Dame, retrace your steps until you reach Pont St Michel. Cross the bridge and follow Rue Danton, which curves gently to the right, until you reach Boulevard St Germain, where you should turn right. This is the Latin Quarter, the intellectual heart of Paris.
Turn left on Rue de Tournon, then right on Rue St Sulpice to reach the church of the same name, as featured in Dan Brown’s Da Vinci Code.
From St Sulpice, turn right onto Rue Bonaparte until you reach Place St-Germain-des-Prés, a good place to stop for a coffee in the café-restaurant the Deux Magots.
Finishing Point: Place Saint-Germain-des-Prés (Metro - St Germain des Prés)

POI's:Day 2:  – Montmartre & Montparnasse
Starting point: Metro Lamarck Caulaincourt
Turn left out of the Metro and then right up Rue des Saules, looking out for the vineyard Clos Montmartre on the left.
At the top of the hill, the Lapin Agile introduces this quirky, romantic area. Wander left on Rue St Rustique, turn right and continue up to Place du Tertre where portrait artists gather in a leafy square.
From there, follow the signs (and probably the crowds) through the narrow streets and corners to reach the Sacré Coeur and enjoy one of the most atmospheric views of Paris.
Walk down the many stairs to the Place St Pierre, turn right and continue along to the Metro Abbesses.
Take Line 12 south to Montparnasse Bienvenüe. Look for the ugly tower block that is the Tour Montparnasse and travel up to the 56th floor for another spectacular view of Paris, this time with the Eiffel Tower close by.
Walk along Boulevard Edgar Quinet, turn left onto Boulevard Raspail and then right on Rue Vavin to reach the Jardin du Luxembourg. This extensive and civilized park makes a great place to stroll around. Otherwise sit, chat or read a book beside the ornamental pond, the grand basin, like the locals do.
Finishing Point: Jardin du Luxembourg.

POI's:Day 3: – All around the Eiffel Tower
Starting point: The Arc de Triomphe (Metro - Charles de Gaulle Étoile)
Climb the Arc de Triomphe to appreciate Napoleon’s vision when he redesigned the layout of Paris. Look along the Champs-Élysees to Place de la Concorde in one direction, and the space-age cube of La Défense in the other. 
Walk along broad Avenue Kleber to reach the Trocadero. Surrounded by the fountains and gilded statues of the Palais de Chaillot, enjoy a view across the Seine to the Eiffel Tower.
Cross the Pont d’Iéna to reach the grounds of the Eiffel Tower itself. If you’ve enough energy, climb all the way to the top reading about its history as you go. Finally, relax in the gardens of the Champ de Mars at the base of the tower.
Finishing Point: Metro École Militaire.

POI's:Day 4: – Modern Art and the Marais
Starting point: Metro Rambuteau
In rainbow-colored glory, with its pipework on the outside of the building, the Pompidou Center stands out. Travel inside to discover even more unusual pieces from the world of modern art.Take Rue Ste Croix de la Bretonnerie into the heart of the Marais, only turning left onto the Rue Vieille du Temple before quickly turning right onto the Rue des Rosiers. This is Paris’s Jewish Quarter, an area that suffered heavily during the holocaust but now thrives again.At the end of Rue des Rosiers, turn left onto Rue Payenne and then right onto Rue des Francs Bourgeois to reach the lavish Musée Carnavalet, which details the history of Paris.
Finishing Point: Rue de Payenne (closest Metro - Chemin Vert).

POI's:Day 5: – Sculpture and the Seine
Starting Point: Metro Varenne
Start with the Rodin Museum, a wonderful collection of world famous sculptures in a stately home with extensive gardens.
After Rodin, turn left onto Boulevard des Invalides, then right onto Avenue de Tourville to reach the grand complex of the Hôtel des Invalides
Walk leisurely through the grounds to reach Place des Invalides and then on to the banks of the Seine. Take a Bateaux Mouches for a cruise along the river, revisiting many of the landmarks you will have seen over the last few days plus adding a few more to your list for next time. 
Finishing Point: Metro Invalides.

POI's:From Trip: FranceItaly#2
By: djiy_oz

Day 1: Arrive!

Check in bags

Opentop bus & wander?
Day 5: Pickup car & drive the Esvres
From Trip: Europa
By: flxcat

Champs Ellyse
Arch de Triomphe

From Trip: Europe 2014
By: alderwiser

3 days

From Trip: Europe 2012
By: doyce

25th October 2012
Arrive in Paris @ 1300hrs. Taxi to the Ile St Louise, Quai d' Anjou  13, 3 for 7 nights accommodation. Pick up hire car 31st October from Global cars, 2 avenue de la Porte de St Cloud. Leave Paris by car 1st November 

From Trip: France/Milan/Amalfi/2013
By: leonierobyn

2 nights...Thursday 30th May, Friday 31st May.   Stroll the Champs Élysées. Visit the Arc d Triomphe

Day 1: 30th May, Thursday....we arrive early, so we should be settled and baggage left at hotel by say lunch time.  Enjoy the evening by taking a great walk through some of the most beautiful areas of Paris. Starting at the Louvre, take a gander at the Grand Pyramid then proceed through the Jardin de Tuileries park to the Place de la Concorde. From there look down the Champs Elysee and you can see all the way down to the Arc de Triomph with the Eiffel Tower off to the southwest. The walk will take you maybe an hour or two
Day 2: 31st May, Friday....Paris
Free day

From Trip: France/Milan/Amalfi/2013
By: leonierobyn

2 nights...10th July and 11th July

Day 1: 10th July, Wednesday...Visit the Sacre Coeur and the Montmarte district.
Day 2: 11th July, day to visit or re visit point of interest.
12th July. Friday....Depart for home sweet home.
From Trip: Spring Adventure
By: HSpring

POI's:From Trip: Pariz
By: ivana223

POI's:From Trip: Parisian Adventure
By: maddie_kate

POI's:From Trip: Firmer/hilton
By: nanook

POI's:From Trip: mike & jo's road trip
By: jo&mike

POI's:From Trip: Backpacking Europe
By: mcnamare

POI's:From Trip: brugge
By: shulapa

POI's:From Trip: Paris 2013
By: EranTopelberg

POI's:From Trip: My french road trip
By: siwan243

POI's:From Trip: travel
By: georgia_96

POI's:From Trip: Francis
By: robmac

POI's:From Trip: Family Getaway
By: AndreiaCordeiro

POI's:From Trip: Euro Holiday!
By: lniesen

We will stay in Paris for one night and will go to The Dirty Dick, an American owned bar by a family friend!

From Trip: test2
By: aabb12

POI's:From Trip: europe
By: cgebka

POI's:From Trip: Super Awesome Mikrovågnsugn Interrailing
By: alimoro

POI's:From Trip: Europe Trip
By: JosieWeller

POI's:From Trip: Europa Fonseca-Aguilera Family Vacation 2014
By: guayo

POI's:From Trip: Eurotrip
By: kandielyse

Eiffel Tower. Moulin Rouge. Notre Dame Cathedral. The Louvre. Disneyland! Versilles. Eat in a bakery! 

From Trip: Porto Portugal
By: AjayKumar

POI's:From Trip: France
By: bellarobyn

POI's:From Trip: Viagem dos Sonhos
By: SergioRenzo

POI's:From Trip: Naše_putovanje
By: MartinaMartinovic

Park Asterix

From Trip: Parisssss
By: KristaleKutkaityte

Day 1: eifelis
From Trip: paris
By: JihyeonLee

POI's:From Trip: Paris (parte 1)
By: JoseNeto

Arco do Triunfo

From Trip: Northern Eurpoe 2014
By: TomD

Day 1: get car

POI's:From Trip: EuroTrip 2014
By: georgaco

POI's:From Trip: EuroTrip 2014
By: georgaco

POI's:From Trip: Sanwalka family vacation
By: AparnaSanwalka

POI's:From Trip: Ida à França
By: davialencar

POI's:From Trip: Europa2014
By: kaiok

POI's:From Trip: 2014 South of Europe
By: CarolinaTerra

POI's:From Trip: European Adventure
By: Jih

Day 1: pont alexandre iii

POI's:From Trip: paris
By: NunoLima

Day 1: moulin rouge
From Trip: Paris Trip
By: mandysoulis

POI's:From Trip: Europe II
By: NikD

POI's:From Trip: Pasqua a Parigi
By: GiovanniPrinetti

POI's:From Trip: Europe
By: sameer

POI's:From Trip: Paris
By: SammiHung

POI's:From Trip: Euro Anniversary
By: jeremyandrachel2013

Wine tasting @ O Chateau.

POI's:From Trip: Europe
By: jenn

POI's:From Trip: Paris-Torino
By: CarolaCronenbold

POI's:From Trip: EUROPE
By: TranDuyHung

POI's:From Trip: Summer of 2014
By: nikanikas

POI's:From Trip: Paris 2014
By: ilan_buskila

POI's:From Trip: Sept trip
By: alta

POI's:From Trip: Sept trip
By: alta

POI's:From Trip: Continental Teaser + Euro-Centric
By: JosieWeller

POI's:From Trip: Europe
By: Samantha12

POI's:From Trip: Eastern Europe
By: monicax

POI's:From Trip: Rail-Tour
By: LisafromLesotho

Day 1: Tour
Day 2: More touring.
From Trip: Eastern Europe
By: chuckie

6, rue Victor Cousin
Paris 75005
Tel (+33) 1 43 54 58 08
Booking ref JZWZXU, Pin 53989
EUR 187.50 paid 7/7

From Trip: Euro Trippin
By: RohanLucey

Day 1: Arrive in Paris - Rest Day - Explore Surroundings

Sampai di Paris - Istrahat - Melihat-lihat Sekeliling Paris
Day 2: First Day of Sight Seeing

POI's:Day 3: Half Day Sightseeing and Half Day Shopping

Setengah Hari Untuk Tamasya Dan Setengah Hari Untuk Shopping

POI's:Day 4: Paris to Toulouse

Pick up our Road - Trippin Warrior, 'Billy' the rent-a-car, and drive to Richard Watson Families house in Toulouse

Memulai Perjalanan - Road Trippin Warrior,"Billy" the rent-a-car, Dan Menuju Rumah Richard Watson di Toulouse
From Trip: Zirtual Trip Plan
By: mmbeltrami

Eat At: Le Marche des Enfants Rouges, La Candelaria, Chez Jeanette, Frenchie Wine Bar
Stay At: The 3 Ducks or La Maison Bacana B&B

From Trip: Summer 2014
By: YetundeOdedokun

POI's:From Trip: Paris
By: vkwok-voyajo

POI's:From Trip: Europe 2015
By: gladson

POI's:From Trip: automne 2014
By: Serge

Conférence Ileader pour responsables jeunesse.

From Trip: Europe bwalkera
By: Darrenwalk

POI's:From Trip: Extended Europe
By: paulafischer

POI's:From Trip: Donna's Wedding
By: Angie&MarkJ

POI's:From Trip: ultimate getaway
By: JenniferLynnWilliams

january 11-18

From Trip: Europe 2k145
By: RyanRusy

Amsterdam to Paris (Dec. 30) AM Train

From Trip: Tres semanas en Europa
By: MarcoPoloIII

POI's:From Trip: europe 2015
By: MaxVergara

st cristopher gare du nord hostal 

From Trip: Day 1
By: jhayden1

POI's:From Trip: Day 1
By: jhayden1

POI's:From Trip: Day 1
By: jhayden1

POI's:From Trip: trip
By: dales

POI's:From Trip: NZ to UK
By: HelenCook13

POI's:From Trip: test
By: SamChuang

POI's:Day 2: lj;j
From Trip: Melissa and Paula's European Adventure
By: pakramer

5hr 40min train ride to Nice
Flexi Fare $157 2nd class
Passholder $16

From Trip: europe
By: amandasmith

POI's:From Trip: Volvo 15.5
By: jmsa10

POI's:From Trip: Mediterranean Road Trip
By: KloeBoyd

POI's:From Trip: Europe
By: PatrickDaunt

POI's:From Trip: Test
By: colin1

By: MandyMarinovic

hotel 4-5 June sleep at Tingis Hotel

From Trip: Europe Trip

POI's:From Trip: Fall 2015
By: Girly0703

Sept. 23rd Arrive Paris, France

From Trip: 50 + overlander
By: Edinburger

POI's:From Trip: ren 15
By: Mtommasi

POI's:From Trip: Europe: Greece to UK
By: Kimmystrip

Eiffel Tower, Musee D'Orsay, Musee du Louvre, Notre Dame, Palace of Versailles, Catacombes (Ave. Rene Coty)

From Trip: Paris
By: mang

POI's:From Trip: Europa en Tren
By: JorgeAlberto

POI's:From Trip: Manans trip
By: mananhv

POI's:From Trip: One Way 5075 - Madrid | Barcelona | Venecia | Paris | Amsterdam
By: EstebanAtenor

Montpellier - Florencia - Venecia - Milan - Lyon - Paris 2269km,+France/Marseille,+France/Nice,+France/Genoa,+Italy/Florence,+Metropolitan+City+of+Florence,+Italy/Venice,+Metropolitan+City+of+Venice,+Italy/Milan,+Metropolitan+City+of+Milan,+Italy/Lyon,+France/Paris,+France/@45.9796995,2.5789719,6z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m56!4m55!1m5!1m1!1s0x12b6af0725dd9db1:0xad8756742894e802!2m2!1d3.876716!2d43.610769!1m5!1m1!1s0x12c9bf4344da5333:0x40819a5fd970220!2m2!1d5.36978!2d43.296482!1m5!1m1!1s0x12cdd0106a852d31:0x40819a5fd979a70!2m2!1d7.2619532!2d43.7101728!1m5!1m1!1s0x12d35bb149ff3e8b:0x305e67d473c7e00!2m2!1d9.1456153!2d44.4466254!1m5!1m1!1s0x132a56a680d2d6ad:0x93d57917efc72a03!2m2!1d11.2558136!2d43.7695604!1m5!1m1!1s0x477eb1daf1d63d89:0x7ba3c6f0bd92102f!2m2!1d12.3155151!2d45.4408474!1m5!1m1!1s0x4786c1493f1275e7:0x3cffcd13c6740e8d!2m2!1d9.1859243!2d45.4654219!1m5!1m1!1s0x47f4ea516ae88797:0x408ab2ae4bb21f0!2m2!1d4.835659!2d45.764043!1m5!1m1!1s0x47e66e1f06e2b70f:0x40b82c3688c9460!2m2!1d2.3522219!2d48.856614!3e0?hl=en

From Trip: Europe 2017
By: doda

POI's:From Trip: Paris and Nice Adventure
By: kcblow

POI's:From Trip: Honeymoon!
By: joliegisel

POI's:From Trip: Paris
By: whohjones

POI's:From Trip: cxzxczx
By: yugo

POI's:From Trip: Birthday Trip 2016
By: aliciallynch

POI's:From Trip: France
By: jeffrey545220

POI's:From Trip: tufan's trip 1
By: tufan

POI's:From Trip: CailinCunningham's trip 1
By: CailinCunningham

POI's:From Trip: mateoaronortiz's trip 1
By: mateoaronortiz

POI's:From Trip: mateoaronortiz's trip 1
By: mateoaronortiz

POI's:From Trip: mateoaronortiz's trip 1
By: mateoaronortiz

POI's:From Trip: cleenjones's trip 1
By: cleenjones

POI's:From Trip:'s Euro 2016
By: nmotz

Stay 16th-19th at Hotel Viator, 61 Rue Des Moines, 17th arr., Paris, 75017, France

Matchday 6/18, Portugal v Austria at 2100

From Trip: 30mhsoccer's trip 1
By: 30mhsoccer

POI's:From Trip: Europe 2016
By: JadeLenning

Day 1: Arrive at 9:30 am at CDG
Day 4: Catching flight to Rome
From Trip: filipa's trip 1
By: filipa

Day 4: travel to Barcelona by train

POI's:From Trip: jessiannclark's trip 1
By: jessiannclark

POI's:From Trip: mwelch's trip 2
By: mwelch

Day 1: Explore Montmarte
From Trip: Jlorbeer's trip 1
By: Jlorbeer

2 nights in Paris

1 night - Berck
2 nights - Bruges
1 night - Antwerp
2 (3) nights - Cologne
2 nights - Luxembourg
2 (1) night - Reims

2 nights in Paris

Further info on places of interest/sights to be confirmed.

From Trip: SabrinaShields's trip 1
By: SabrinaShields

POI's:From Trip: SabrinaShields's trip 1
By: SabrinaShields

POI's:From Trip: SydneyDowd's trip 1
By: SydneyDowd

POI's:From Trip: erica.r's trip 1
By: erica.r

POI's:From Trip: Jessica grad trip

POI's:From Trip: Xmas Europe 2019 O/S Ph 0489 938 180
By: stritthof2

Arrive Thursday 5th December
Depart Tuesday 10th December
5 Nights
Eiffel Tower

From Trip: adenevi's trip 1
By: adenevi

POI's:From Trip: SeilerApril's trip 27
By: SeilerApril

POI's:From Trip: JonathanRoden's trip 1
By: JonathanRoden

POI's:From Trip: pip's trip 2
By: pip

POI's:From Trip: tozerl's trip 1
By: tozerl

POI's:From Trip: embertravel's trip 1
By: embertravel

POI's:From Trip: Alyssa's trip 1
By: Alyssa

POI's:From Trip: Steve & Conni's Trip
By: SRangel

Grand Palais
Le Louvre
Galeries Lafayette
Musée D'Orsay
Musée Rodin

From Trip: GianpieroPasculli's trip 1
By: GianpieroPasculli

Three days in Paris, renting here the van. remember to go to Orangerie museum, because we will go to Giverny to see the real Monet's muse

From Trip: omar23jm's trip 1
By: omar23jm





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