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Amsterdam, the biggest city in Holland, offers its visitors a unique atmosphere. It contains a fascinating combination between a northern city built on dozens of thin water canals, luxurious architecture which flourished as far back as the 17th century, the wonderful art of historical masters such as Rembrandt and Van Gogh, and a unique life wisdom. All of these allow its residents to enjoy life, have a good time, listen to music at clubs, drink at excellent pubs and eat at great restaurants. All of these turn a visit to Amsterdam into a joyous experience.
Four leisurely days are solid and reasonable. During such a period, one may get to know the center of the city well and even venture out to a few more remote neighborhoods.
The canal area in the city center is the best area to stay in. In fact, Amsterdam has several areas which are enjoyable for accommodation. Several excellent hotels can be found around Vondel Park, and the location is very convenient. The Jordan neighborhood has become in recent years a pleasant and esteemed neighborhood, and it also includes some pleasant hotels.
Trolley cars are the cheapest and most convenient means of transport in the city center. If you wish to go farther, into more remote neighborhoods, the bus would be advisable. Taxis are relatively expensive and little-used. A subway operates in Amsterdam, but it doesn't serve visitors of the city center and may be ignored. 
Amsterdam is a northern city. Winter can be very cold, and even frozen. Spring (April-May) is the best time to visit the city. The blossoming of the tulips and other flowers is considered a true celebration to be seen in gardens and parks. Summer and fall are also good seasons to visit.
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From Trip: Amsterdam Art and Romance among the Canals
By: yoel

Day 1: Canal City
Starting point: Dam Square, by the Royal Palace.
Dam Square is one of the busiest sites in the city, and a meeting point for young people in all hours of the day and night. In the summer an amusement park for children is operated in the square. Near the square are two sites worth knowing – the Royal Palace (Koninklijk Oaleis) and the New Church (Nieuwe Kerk). 
After visiting the church, walk down Molsteeg Street to the west and cross the Singel canal on the Torensteeg Bridge. Continue a little farther to the west, and take a right on the banks of the next canal – Herengracht. Go all the way to the Brouwersgracht Canal and turn left before the canal. Cross the Keizersgracht Canal, and after the next canal – Prinsengracht, take another left, heading south. On the right, the Noorderkerk Church can be seen. Continue farther south along Prinsengracht and cross it to the east (left) the first chance you get, along Prinsenstrasse. Also cross Keizersgracht, and immediately after turn right (Keizersgracht will be on your right). Walking along the canal, you'll reach Leliegracht and walk along it to the west. Immediately after crossing Keizersgracht, turn left and reach the Greenpeace House, this used to be the organization's headquarters. This is a fascinating building. From there, return to Leliegracht and continue 50 meters to the left. Do not cross Prinsengracht again, but instead turn left before the canal and go south. On the left is the Anne Frank House (Anne Frankhuis), which serves today as a popular museum and tourist attraction. Further down the street, you will reach the Westerkerk Tower. Continue walking south along Prinsengracht for another 250 meters, and you will see the traditional Van Puffelen Café, where you'll take a break and enjoy the special atmosphere. On Wolvenstraat take a left (east), and before crossing Keizersgracht, visit the Felix Meritis House, which today houses an alternative theatre. Cross Keizersgracht and walk 150 meters to the south to Judenstraat (the Jews' Street) and take another left – to the east. Farther down that road, cross the Singel Canal again and reach Spui Square, where a large book market takes place each weekend. A gate on the northern side of the square opens to one of the most interesting sites in Begijnhof. This is a closed area which housed only women hundreds of years ago. After a thorough visit to this site, continue to the north along Kalverstraat, until you reach the Historical Museum (Amsterdams Historisch Museum). To finish this walk, go farther to the north along Voorburgwal to the stunning shopping center, Magna Plaza. 
End point: Magna Plaza Shopping Center. This walk completes a full circle, since Dam Square (the starting point) is very close. 

POI's:Day 2: Gardens and Art
Starting point: the Spiegelgracht Bridge, on the banks of the Singel Canal. The bridge leads to the south-west, to the Museum Street (Museumplein). At the edge of the park is the Van Gogh Museum, and not far from it is the Stedelijk Museum of modern art.
After visiting the museums, walk north on Van Baerlestraat until you reach the eastern entrance to the biggest and most beautiful park in the city – Vondelpark. This place provides hours of enjoyment, especially during the spring and summer, when the flowers are in bloom. After touring the park, leave through the eastern exit (through which you entered) and cross the Singel Canal to the nearest square – Leidesplein. Street shows are performed and bands play live music in the square everyday. Around the square are some of the best clubs and discos in town (a good example is the Paradiso).
End  point: Leidesplein.

POI's:Day 3: Museums and Parks
Starting point: the entrance to the Rembrandt House Museum on Jodenbreestraat 6. 
The Rembrandt House (Museum het Rembrandthuis) allows a deeper familiarization with one of the world's greatest painters. From the museum, walk east on Jodenbreestraat to the round square leading to the Jewish Museum (Joods Historisch Museum). This museum presents the history of the traditional Jewish community of Amsterdam and Holland. After visiting the museum, continue to the east along Weesperstraat. Cross the Herengracht Canal and walk left (east) along it to the entrance of the Hortus Botanical Garden (Hortus Botanicus). In this garden, become acquainted with thousands of mysterious and beautiful plants. Continue to the south-east along Plantage Middenlaan and reach the big park Artis, where an interesting zoo, a planetarium, a geological museum and a zoological museum operate. After your visit, continue to the north along the Nieuwe Herengracht to its end. Mount the Oosterdok Dock and walk north to the big, green frog-shaped structure. This is the Science Museum, also known as NEMO. 
End  point: NEMO Science Museum.

POI's:Day 4: The Eastern Islands
Starting point: the Jan Schaefer Bridge, called on some maps the Javabrug Bridge. To reach the bridge, take bus 32 or 39 from the Central Train Station.
Route: the eastern port area and especially three islands: Java, KNSM (named after a trade company that used to operate there) and Borneo. This area of Amsterdam was neglected for decades and used only for commerce. Due to the housing difficulties in the city, in recent years the port's island had been converted for housing, and they offer a different and intriguing image of the city.
The walk begins on the western edge of Java, and to the east. First, cross the width of the Java Island – simply continue straight from the bridge through which you entered. Walk about two kilometers to the east along Sumatrakade. When the street ends, take a right and immediately a left, to a street called KNSM Laan. Afterwards, walk on the connecting dam Verbindingsdam and reach the Sporenburg Peninsula. Cross it from north to south to its edge, and reach the Red Dinosaur Bridge leading to the Borneo Peninsula.
End  point: The Dinosaur Bridge between Sporenburg and Borneo.

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Try the local cake, Visit the Picnics, trek the red light district and Van Gogh Museum. Stay at the Bostel Amsterdame Bos.

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Try the local cake, Visit the Picnics, trek the red light district and Van Gogh Museum. Stay at the Bostel Amsterdame Bos.

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Canal Ride

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Keukenhof Gardens

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From the Amsterdam Central Train StationExit the station into the large square and head toward the Victoria Hotel.Follow Damrak Avenue for about 200-metres.At the end of the cruise boat harbour turn left into Oudebrugsteeg.Then turn right onto Warmoesstraat at the Chikita Shop. Walk for approximately 150-metres until you reach St Christopher’s at the Winston.

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Travel by train/bus to Amersfoort

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Paris - Brujas - Amsterdam 550km,+France/Bruges,+Belgium/Amsterdam,+Netherlands/@50.9047745,5.0985836,7z/data=!4m20!4m19!1m5!1m1!1s0x47e66e1f06e2b70f:0x40b82c3688c9460!2m2!1d2.3522219!2d48.856614!1m5!1m1!1s0x47c350d0c11e420d:0x1aa2f35ac8834df7!2m2!1d3.2246995!2d51.209348!1m5!1m1!1s0x47c63fb5949a7755:0x6600fd4cb7c0af8d!2m2!1d4.8951679!2d52.3702157!3e0?hl=en

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POI's:From Trip: הטיול הגדול של ויקי ותומר
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Two days
Eurail Global Train passes

POI's:Day 2: Thursday and Friday June 23 & 24, 2016 in Netherlands with Aomi Mochida
2 nights at Hotel Nova

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