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Copenhagen is the capital and largest city of Denmark, with an urban population of 1,181,239 (2010) and a metropolitan population of 1,901,789 (2010). Copenhagen is situated on the islands of Zealand and Amager (...) (from Wikipedia).
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Copenhagen Trips

From Trip: Tour of Europe
By: chazzerp1993

POI's:From Trip: Norwegian Fjords Cruise 7-14/09/2013
By: VickiToci

POI's:From Trip: Sweden summer 13
By: Georgegs

POI's:From Trip: Let's Go Let Go In Europe
By: OliviaWhatley

In 20th August.
Currency: Danish Krone
Leave 22nd- Start of InterRail

From Trip: Benelux-Germany-Swiss-France-Denmark
By: TeckSingChng

POI's:From Trip: Andrew's YOLO Euro-Trip 2014
By: AndrewBondarev

POI's:From Trip: Continental Teaser + Euro-Centric
By: JosieWeller

POI's:From Trip: Eastern Europe
By: monicax

POI's:Day 2: Blue Planet Aquarium

POI's:From Trip: Winter is coming
By: IbenGwenTollan

Afrejse fx d.15 December

Fly til Barcelona med Norweigian

Bo hos Tomas og Miguel

Find Alfred?

From Trip: ultimate getaway
By: JenniferLynnWilliams

december 28-january 4

From Trip: Volvo 15.5
By: jmsa10

POI's:From Trip: peter.green3's trip 2
By: peter.green3


From Trip: thegriffincrew's trip 4
By: thegriffincrew

POI's:From Trip: thegriffincrew's trip 4
By: thegriffincrew

POI's:From Trip: MrsnantieKumsri's trip 1
By: MrsnantieKumsri

Date: 14-16 august
To do list:
Hop on hop off-boot 48hrs
Bike tour 1.5 hrs
Stay at Best Western Plus Hotel CityThe Huxley Copenhagen

POI's:From Trip: Cross Europe and back, sideways 2024
By: youngloafy

Roadtrippet starter her i hovedstads området i Danmark. Det mest ækle kører sted på planeten,. Ingen billeder behøves at blive vist





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