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India Gate Flickr by Christian Haugen
Home to more than a billion people and one of the largest countries in the world, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to learn that India houses an almost endless list of attractions. From the snow-peaked Himalaya Mountains to the sandy beaches looking out on Sri Lanka, there is a wealth of things to enjoy. No wonder more than six million international tourists plan a trip to India every year.

India’s largest cities are Mumbai, New Delhi and Bangalore. From each of these visitors can get out and explore the country.

India is home to no fewer than 29 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, a testament to the heritage that seeps through the country. Any one of these sites makes for a wondrous visit, and something travelers are not likely to forget any time soon.

The most famous of all of these, and perhaps the most iconic image of India, is the Taj Mahal. This white marble mausoleum – located in Agra in the north of the country – dates back to the 17th century and is considered one of the modern Wonders of the World.

Other impressive UNESCO sites that should be added to any India trip plan include the Mahabodhi Temple, a Buddhist temple located in Bodh Gaya that stands some 55 meters tall; the Ajanta Caves, which date back to the 2nd century BC and feature magnificent sculptures and paintings still intact; and the Great Living Chola Temples.

Although the many historical sites on display are undoubtedly impressive, history isn’t for everyone. India however has more than enough to keep any visitor interested.

The likes of Kanha National Park, Kaziranga Wild Life Sanctuary and Manas Wild Life Sanctuary offer the chance for visitors to see some of the magnificent wild life that calls India home. From elephants and rhinos to a wealth of colorful bird species, there’s plenty to marvel at here.

For those that prefer things more on the relaxed side, India is home to some of the world’s best beaches. With the Arabian Sea, Indian Ocean and Bay of Bengal bordering the country, visitors are sure to find the perfect subtropical paradise. Goa features some of the world’s most renowned beaches, and proves to be a very popular destination with international tourists.

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