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Somewhere in the region of 50 million visitors plan a trip to Spain every year, making the Western European country one of the most visited in the world.
As well as being the capital city of Spain, Madrid is also one of the most popular urban destinations within the country. Located in the heart of Spain, Madrid is home to a variety of landmarks and tourist attractions, including the Royal Palace, the Plaza Mayor, Madrid Cathedral, and the Debod Temple, an authentic ancient Egyptian shrine imported in 1969.
Barcelona is another popular destination within Spain. Like Madrid, the city is home to a number of tourist attractions, including the Magic Font and the Picasso Museum. Most impressive though is La Sagrada Familia, a colossal church that is still unfinished, despite work starting back in the 19th century.
Barcelona, alongside Valencia, is an important port town, and a popular destination for Mediterranean cruises looking to drop anchor.
Despite the cultural and historical impressiveness of Spain’s largest cities, the majority of those that plan a trip to Spain do so more for the favorable weather. Emerging as a popular sunshine destination in the 1960s, Spain is home to numerous resorts and beaches, both on the mainland and the Balearic Islands, located in the Mediterranean Sea. Rest and relaxation is the name of the game here, with most visitors looking to unwind for a week or so.
Those looking for something altogether unique should head for Pamplona during the first week of July. The northern city – which is close to the French border – is the site of the most famous bull chase in the world. The Running of the Bulls, as it is known, has to be seen to be believed, but you won’t want to get too close.

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