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Ireland - Wicklow - Tipperary - Ring of Kerry

By: fishi

Cliffs in Ireland
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Days: 7
Km: 926
Posted: 10/12/2011
Updated: 06/04/2015
Types: Family, Nature, Walking, Historic Places, Middle Age

Ireland - tourist destination suitable for all ages. Breathtaking views of cliffs and waves crashing magical lakes. Ancient castles hotels farmers bathed in greenery and water pubs and beer. In many places it feels like a landscape pillows, unspoiled by man. People are nice and welcoming out of their way to help you. Driving is on the left sides so beware the entrance to the square, it is in the opposite way you're used to.

Day 1
From dublin airport take the south direction througth PowerScourt Estate (Don't miss the waterfalls). End this day in Newtownmountkennedy - a nice small village to stay after a long flight.

Day 2
Roundwood to Cashel through Enniscrthy

Day 3
Cashel & Tipperary area

Day 4
Drive directly to Killarney. Stay at least 2 day in this area.

Day 5
Arround the Ring of Kerry. It takes a full day to make the Ring So don't harry and try to enjoy the view. The road is going near the sea all arounf the island.

Day 6
Killarney Back to Dublin thru Cahir.

Day 7
One day in dublin the city of young ones.

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