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Paris Art and Romance in the City of Lights

By: yoel (Voyajo Team)

Paris the city of lights Flickr by wlappe
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Posted: 20/10/2011
Updated: 16/04/2022
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Types: Walking, Historic Places, Museums & Culture

Why Should You Go?
More people visit France each year than any other country in the world - and with good reason. Paris, the capital, has a dazzling center, with iconic landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, the Notre Dame Cathedral and the sweeping Champs-Élysees and Place de la Concorde.
You’ll also find some of the world’s finest art, richest food and highest haute couture, as well as edgy modern neighborhoods and plenty of landscaped parks.

How Long Should You Spend There?
Paris has enough to entertain you for a whole year, but four to five days should allow you to see the main sights plus stumble across a few hidden corners too.

Montmartre, the Latin Quarter and the Tuileries Quarter are all beautiful areas, although accommodation here is often very expensive. Paris has a well-connected and efficient subway system; as long as your hotel is close to a Metro station, you can easily reach the whole city.

Walking around Paris is one of the best ways to see the city, although to reach Montmartre and any off the beaten track destinations, you will need to use public transport. Paris has an extensive bus network, but the easiest system for newcomers is the Paris Metro. Buy a carnet (a booklet) of tickets in one go to save both time and money. Taxis in Paris are expensive (and often slow) due to traffic congestion.

Paris is an interesting place to visit in all seasons, although winters here are cold and summers occasionally overheat the capital. Spring and fall are the best times to visit, in terms of temperature and for seeing blossom or sunset-colored leaves on the trees.
By Abigail King

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