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Copenhagen, the capital city
The northern European country of Denmark consists of the Jutland peninsular – which juts out from northern Germany and is bordered by the North Sea and Adriatic Sea – and a series of hundreds of islands. Home to just 5.6 million residents, it is one of the continent’s quieter destinations, but one plenty of tourists flock to come vacation time.

Those planning a trip to Denmark have a number of travel options. The capital city of Copenhagen is a travel hub, and features Scandinavia’s busiest airport. Travelers can also visit the country by road and rail from neighboring Germany or Sweden. Alternatively, a number of cruise liners operate in the region, some touring the Baltic Sea and other heading towards the Arctic Circle.

As well as being a transport hub, Copenhagen is also Denmark’s favorite tourist destination. Its attractions include a host of historic landmarks as well as some truly colorful neighborhoods. However, it’s most popular attraction is a statue of the Little Mermaid, found in the harbor area.

Considered “fairytale country”, many of Denmark’s landmarks, attractions and towns look like they’ve been lifted straight out of a Hans Christian Anderson story. Visitors looking to add some of the most picturesque and unique landmarks to their Denmark trip plan should consider visits to Frederiksborg Palace (Hillerød), Egeskov Castle (Funen) or Roskilde Cathedral (Roskilde), the latter of which has also been awarded UNESCO World Heritage Site status.

For natural beauty, travellers can head to the Island of Bornholm – known as the “Pearl of the Baltic” – or visit any of Denmark’s coastal beaches, which feature soft sand and pleasant sights. Those preferring something a little more exciting will find that there are plenty of amusement parks waiting to be enjoyed.

Copenhagen is home to the two oldest amusement parks in the world, Dryhavsbakken and Tivoli Gardens. The former has amazingly been in existence since 1583. However, the country’s most famed park has to be Legoland. The park, which is located in Billund, opened in 1968 and is the original Lego-themed park.

Denmark can also be used as a launch pad to Greenland, which was for many years under Danish rule. For those wishing to visit this remote part of the world, flights are available from Copenhagen to Kangerlussuaq and Narsarsuaq, located in the west and south of Greenland respectively.
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