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Notre Dame Cathedral by Jon Luty
With nearly 80 million people visiting every year, France is the most popular country in the world. It’s not hard to see why either. Visitors planning a trip to France really are spoiled for choice.
The European country is home to Paris, the most visited city in the world. Within its streets, the City of Love holds numerous landmarks and attractions, including the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame Cathedral and the Louvre Museum, all of which are primary destinations for those arriving in the city.
As well as these world-famous landmarks, Paris is home to a wealth of restaurants, cafés, bars and clubs, combining some of the finest cuisine in the world with a lively atmosphere that never leaves you wanting.
The French Riviera – located along France’s Mediterranean Coast – is a popular destination with those looking to enjoy the warm climate and perfect weather, with the likes of Marseille and the many other smaller towns popular. Some people even opt to include an outing to Monte Carlo (Monaco) within their France trip plan.
Northern France is popular amongst those that like to retreat from the hectic pace of everyday life and surround themselves with rural landscapes and lifestyles. A stopover in one of the region’s chateaux is a popular choice with visitors.
No trip to France is complete without an excursion to one of the country’s many wineries and vineyards. The likes of Champagne and Bordeaux are ideal destinations for those looking to enjoy a spot of winetasting.
France is a year-round destination with many visitors electing to arrive during the winter. While the likes of Paris and Marseille are still appealing during the winter, many tourists are actually attracted to the Alps and Pyrenees, where ski resorts are commonplace.

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