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Located in the Pacific Northwest of the United States, in the state of Oregon, Portland is an American city unlike any other. Its relaxed atmosphere and expansive green spaces make it one of the most calming soothing and scenic cities in the world.

The city is served by Portland International Airport although it is readily accessible by road from some of the West Coast’s biggest cities, including Seattle and San Francisco.

Visitors planning a trip to Portland should make sure to take in some of the city’s magnificent gardens and parks. Lan Su Chinese Garden is one of the most popular gardens in the city. It features authentic plants, rocks and flowers brought in direct from China.

Washington Park is another popular destination. West of downtown, the park is home to Oregon Zoo, the Discovery Museum, Portland Children’s Museum, and the International Rose Test Garden. This latter is home to vast number of roses, from which the city derives its nickname, ‘The Rose City’. Further afield, Mt. St. Helens Volcanic National Monument – which can be found 80km northeast of the city – is a popular destination. The volcano itself last erupted in 1980, leaving 57 dead. Alternatively, visitors can include the likes of Columbia River Gorge and North Cascades National Park on their Portland trip plan.

Back in the city, there are a variety of attractions, activities and establishments for visitors to make the most of. These include the Pearl District, home to Portland’s art scene; the Portland Aquarium, which is particularly popular with children; Powell’s City of Books, purportedly the largest independent bookshop in the world; and Voodoo Doughnut, a shop selling the most unique doughnuts you’ll ever come across.

Other popular additions to any itinerary include a visit to any of the region’s many microbreweries, a dinner cruise on the Portland Spirit, a steamboat journey along Willamette River, or a bicycle ride across the cities eight unique bridges.
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From Trip: Road Trip
By: eli380

  • Lan Su Chinese Garden
  • International Rose Test Garden
From Trip: Spring Break Journey
By: ElizabethMcPhee

Depart Portland 3/13 Friday, no later than 12pm to Grants Pass, OR
Via I-5 S; 244.94 miles, 4 hrs 12 mins
Expect to arrive between 5pm-6pm

From Trip: Haunted Discoveries
By: MadisonMiller

  • Shanghai tunnels
  • Pittock Mansion
From Trip: parks
By: arb

Start of trip 

From Trip: Hipsters' Paradise
By: paulcathyjenpj

163 miles; Bend, OR to Portland OR; Days 16 - 21

Day 6: Day 21; 198 miles Portland, OR to Mt Rainier National Park via Mt St Helens
From Trip: Eli/Zeke Roadtrip
By: elliottjude

Voodoo Doughnuts pls

From Trip: ellisbrown17's trip 2
By: ellisbrown17

Visit Helene's brother, Royal

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By: jalling74

  • Terwilliger Boulevard Parkway
From Trip: USA Road Trip
By: thejetsetgypsy

7th Dec - 9th Dec (book hotel or find campsite)

Multnomah Falls and Gorge Falls

Wine Tasting 

Mount Hood



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