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By: BharatChouhan

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Posted: 17/07/2013
Updated: 17/07/2013
Types: Nature, Historic Places

Khambhat, formerly known as Cambay, is a city and a municipality in
Anand district in the Indian state of Gujarat. It was formerly an
important trading center, although its harbour has gradually silted up,
and the maritime trade has moved elsewhere.
Khambhat is located at 22.3°N 72.62°E.
Khambhat has warm & humid climate. It is located on the plains. The land on which Khambhat sits right now is the silt deposited by Mahi river.
Khambhat coast's tides are the highest in the world. It goes high up to 35 feet.
We will start our trip from Ahmedabad with first halt at Pariej Lake finally to Khambhat.

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