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Sarlat-la-Canéda , or simply Sarlat, is a commune in the Dordogne department in Aquitaine in south-western France. Sarlat is one of the most attractive and alluring towns in south-western France. Population (1999): 9,707. (...) (from Wikipedia).
Sarlat, the capital of the Périgord Noir, is one of the most perfectly preserved towns in France. With flowers spilling over its carved limestone windowsills and cafés spilling into its beautiful streets, the town of Sarlat showcases the best of the Dordogne.
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From Trip: A Week in Rural France – Dordogne & the Lot
By: yoel

Day 1: Spend the morning in a kayak on the Dordogne River to enjoy the region from another perspective. After all that activity, follow the signs to Sarlat’s Cité Médiévale and walk to Place de la Bouquerie to treat yourself to lunch in the Hôtel La Couleuvrine. Once revitalized, walk along Rue Fénelon to Place de la Liberté. Turn left along Rue de la Liberté to reach the Cathédrale St-Sacerdos. Visit the Lanterne des Morts in the adjacent Jardin des Enfeus and then drive on to Monpazier.

  • Hotel La Couleuvrine
  • Sarlat Cathedral
From Trip: France/Milan/Amalfi/2013
By: leonierobyn

3 nights...Monday 10th June, Tuesday 11th June, Wednesday 12th June

Day 1: 10th June, Monday...Settle in and look around this beautiful little town.
Investigate the cave art at Lascaux caves.
Day 2: 11th June, Tuesday.. Visit Racamadore in the morning. . Visit the cave near to Rocamadour the Gouffre de Padirac - Also practically within the village itself, the caves at 'Grotte Prehistorique des Merveilles' are popular for both the rock formations and the 20,000 year old cave paintings they contain (entrance 100 metres from the Rocamadour tourist office. Visit the Grand Escalier (216 steps, once climbed by pilgrims on their knees) leads from the village to the sanctuaries above, with its views of the old town.
 In the afternoon drive to Domme. (10km from Sarlat)  Visit the caves. The Grotte de Domme entrance is under the halle in the main square. The huge caves exist under the whole town and during the visit you can see beautiful stalactite and stalagmite formations.  Just above the Place de la Halle is the Belvedere de la Barre, a great viewpoint and the start of the Promenade des Falaises.  The walk is all high up and so has magnificent views. 
Day 3: 12th June, Wednesday...Canoe down the river.  Several companies operate along the river.  The canoe hire company will usually drive you upstream in a minibus, you can then canoe back downstream with the flow of the river.  Or you start your canoeing from the hire centre and finish at a pre marked location downstream, where a minibus will arrive every hour or so to collect people and canoes.  About 11E for half a day.  Maybe start in La Roque Gageac and canoe to Beynac.  

Depart Sarlat early for Faucon on Thursday 13th June. (5 1/2 hour drive)



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