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A Week in Rural France – Dordogne & the Lot

By: yoel (Voyajo Team)

Dordogne Valley Flickr by ltdan
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Days: 7
Km: 571
Posted: 05/03/2012
Updated: 30/10/2013
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Types: Wine, Walking, Museums & Culture

Why should you go?
For many, the region of the Dordogne and Lot embodies the dream of rural France. From winding lanes and rustic fields to strong cheese and world- class wine, a visit fills the senses in the best possible way. Here you’ll find history in the shape of picturesque cliff-top villages, cave paintings thousands of years old and elegant cathedrals overlooking cultivated estates. Driving through the region takes you through narrow roads and twisting journeys, where you’ll have plenty of chance to soak up the scenery and relax into a slower way of life. 

How Long Should You Go For?
The area of Dordogne and the Lot is rich with experience if poor with fast highways. Expect plenty of winding routes and backtracking and make sure to take a whole week to relax into the rhythm of the place. 

Start/end destination and Distance
Start in Périgueux, finish in Monbazillac. Distance: 591 km.

Dordogne and the Lot Valley sit in southwest France – an area that rarely reaches inhospitable extremes of heat or cold but that really shines during the summer. The “shoulder” season of spring and fall lets you explore the region without competing with other tourists but expect the weather to be more variable: think drizzly showers and gusts of wind.

Day 1: Périgueux – Château de Hautefort – Périgueux
Start your trip in the capital of the Dordogne to give yourself the chance to settle into the region and get your bearings. Either in the morning or the afternoon, according to your preference, take a day trip to Château de Hautefort .
At the end of your visit to Château de Hautefort, retrace your journey to spend the night in Périgueux.

Day 2: Périgueux to Lascaux Montignac ( Lascaux Caves ) to Domme to Sarlat.

Day 3: Sarlat to Monpazier.

Day 4: Monpazier to Rocamadour.

Day 5: Rocamadour to St Cirq-Lapopie.

Day 6: St Cirq-Lapopie to Cahors.

Day 7: Cahors to Monbazillac.

By Abigail King

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