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Andalusia the Land of Wonderful Palaces

By: yoel (Voyajo Team)

Andalusia landscape Flickr by Romtomtom
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Days: 5
Km: 389
Posted: 16/11/2011
Updated: 23/08/2012
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Types: Walking, Historic Places, Religion, Museums & Culture

Why you should go?
The Andalusia region in Southern Spain has a charm of its own.It offers a rare combination of cultures and landscapes, which cannot be found anywhere else in the world. The Christian, Muslim and Jewish pasts merge wonderfully in Andalusia, and make any visit to this region fascinating. Sites such as the Alhambra Palace or the great Córdoba Mosque are some of the wonders of western architecture.In five days in Andalusia,it is possible to visit three fascinating cities – Córdoba, Seville and Granada.

Start/end destination
There are many advantages in choosing Córdoba as the starting and end destination of your trip. Most visitors to Andalusia first arrive by flight to Madrid. From Madrid it is possible to reach Córdoba by train or car. The distance from Madrid to Córdoba is approximately 400km. The driving time by car is approximately four and a half hours. The travel time by fast train is approximately two hours. There are no flights from Madrid to Córdoba. The nearest airport is in Seville.Those arriving at Barcelona can fly to Seville and start their trip there.The end destination can be Granada, or you can return to Córdoba or Seville and complete a round trip. The course offered here does not include in its schedule arrival at Córdoba.

The entire length of the route is around 550km. The travel is not divided into equal parts, but the different travel parts are not too long, except for one (from Seville to Granada), for which around half a day should be dedicated.

Overnight stops
Since most of the interest in this tour is in visiting cities, it is highly advisable to plan the accommodation well in advance. In the busy seasons, it is recommended that you also order the accommodation in advance. The four overnight stops suggested along the trip are: One night in Córdoba,two nights in Seville,one night in Granada.

The ideal way to travel in this visit is by leased car. In this way, you can also greatly enjoy the roads between cities, and have more flexibility in your schedule. In each of the cities, it is advisable to find a cheap parking lot, as there is no point in using the car during your stay in the city. You can lease a car in each of the cities along the route, or arrive with the car from Madrid.You can also travel by train between cities.

Andalusia is a warm Mediterranean region. This means that the transition seasons – spring and autumn – are the best seasons for visiting. It is also possible to enjoy the visit in winter, as long as there are no heavy rains. The chances of that are not great. In summer, the weather is very hot, around 30 – 35 degrees Celsius, and then it is most crowded. If you can, avoid visiting in this season.
By Moshe Gilad

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