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Located on the southeast coast of Australia, Sydney is not only the state capital of New South Wales but also the country’s most visited city. Close to 10 million visitors make their way to the city every year, including nearly three million international tourists. The city is serviced by Sydney International Airport and Port Botany, where cruise ships regularly drop anchor.
Those planning a trip to Sydney will find that it offers big city amenities with a relaxed atmosphere. Famed as much for its beaches as its skyscrapers and landmarks, the easy-going pace to life here makes the city a highly sought out destination.
The city’s most famous landmarks include the Sydney Opera House, which features a unique architectural design that creates some of the best acoustics in the world. Nearby visitors will find the Sydney Harbour Bridge, which raises some 440-feet above the waters of the harbor. Those feeling adventurous may enjoy a tour to the top of the structure.
Sydney Tower is the largest building in New South Wales, and the second largest building in Australia. Visitors can ascend the building and look out on amazing views of the city, the Tasman Sea, and the Blue Mountains.
Despite being the most populous city in Australia as well as the country’s business hub, Sydney is home to numerous parks and green spaces, including Hyde Park, named for its London counterpart, and the Royal Botanical Gardens. In fact, many visitors are surprised just how much greenery there is in this city. Those wishing to enjoy even more remarkable landscapes should head out to the Blue Mountains National Park, west of the city. The city is also home to Taronga Zoo and Sydney Wildlife World, for visitors interested in adding native Australian animal sightings to their itinerary.
Of course, plenty of tourists head for Sydney to enjoy its beautiful beaches. Any Sydney trip plan should include a visit to the world-famous Bondi Beach, which is perfect for swimming, surfing, and bathing, and is flanked by cafés and restaurants.
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From Trip: USA 2013
By: colly7

  • Sydney Harbour National Park
From Trip: willy
By: willic101

  • Sydney Harbour Bridge
From Trip: Anzac day
By: ceplphkdahk92

  • Sydney Harbour Bridge
From Trip: Round the world honeymoon:)
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  • Sydney Airport
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Eat At: Paddington's Saturday Market, Darlinghurst, Newton, King's Cross
Stay At: The Original Backpacker's Hostel or Base Sydney

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  • Sydney Airport
From Trip: Dream Plan
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  • Taronga Zoo
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  • Sydney Airport
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  • Sydney Airport
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  • Sydney Airport
  • Sydney Opera House
  • Sydney Harbour Bridge
  • Royal Botanic Gardens, Sydney
  • Finger Wharf
From Trip: Test
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  • Sydney Opera House
From Trip: My South America Journey
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Day 101-102;
Loose a day flighing through time zones, Arrive in sydney for connecting flight.

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From Trip: brucenix's trip 2
By: brucenix

Depart Sydney International Airport to Dubai Flight EK415 (Emirates) 06.00.

Arrive Dubai 13.20.

From Trip: anneandartem's trip 2
By: anneandartem

Things I will show you in Sydney:

1. Sydney Harbour

2. Circular Quay

3. Taking the Manly Ferry

4. The Rocks

5. Royal Botanical Gardens

6. Queen Victoria Building- shopping precinct

We will sleepover at my friend Yvonne's place (Confirmed)

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Depart 22nd Dec

From Trip: Australia (Part Three)
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  • Sydney Airport
From Trip: fifitheflowerpot's trip 1
By: fifitheflowerpot

average flight from Sydney to Dublin Ireland 
$AUD1,029.00 - $AUD1,700.00

From Trip: asrockets20's trip 1
By: asrockets20




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