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Dublin, Dublin, Ireland

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The small but perfectly formed city of Dublin has captured the imagination of both literary giants and energetic partygoers over the years. Dublin is the home of both Guinness and Jameson’s whiskey, as well as being the focus of Ireland’s academic learning at Trinity College. From history to just having a good time, Dublin makes a great place for a long weekend.
Dublin is a small and compact city – a long weekend here is plenty of time to cover the highlights and wander off the beaten track a little.
The Temple Bar area is certainly central and convenient, although not on the quiet side. Alternatively, the range of accommodation around the Grafton Street Area might give you more of a tranquil choice.
Dublin is a city best appreciated on foot. If you really get tired, then consider hopping on and off the buses or take a taxi. As the distances between places really are small, walking is the cheaper option and it also gives you a better feel for the city.
Dublin is a northern European city, with a typical mix of variable weather on any given day. Temperatures rarely soar and rarely plummet. Summer is usually the best time to visit, although you will need to bring an umbrella no matter what the weather forecast says…
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10/09 - day 19 - Drive 1.5hr to Dublin; explore, stay overnight 10/10 - day 20 - Explore Dublin

Day 1 10/10