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EAS Adventure

By: zimr41
trip planner

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Days: 84
Km: 19243
Posted: 05/10/2015
Updated: 06/10/2015
Types: Extreme, Adults

Northern Lights: March or Sept 20th, Priest Lake, Idaho Panhandle Nat'l Forest, Maine: Aroostook National Wildlife Refuge

Bourbon Trail: 7 days between Louisville and Lexington

Chicago: 3 days?

One night each city: 61 stops (OOOOOHHHH)+7 (bourbon trail)+3(Chicago)+5 (Texas House)+3 (river house)5 (extra)= 84 days. Total 11,957 miles. Longest leg 552 miles (San Antonio-El Paso) 

Leave end of July, puts us in Maine for Northern Lights end of September, finish trip in Charleston October/November-ish

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