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Trip Following Grandma 2012

By: goriri9
trip planner

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Days: 20
Km: 7953
Posted: 19/11/2012
Updated: 11/01/2016
Types: Family, Historic Places

I did this trip with my
mom for memory of my grandma Berta, who was murdered by the Nazis in 1942. We
started is Warsaw
and then we went to Treblinka- the place where Berta died. After that we went
to Siemiatycze (sorry, but this is the polish name), where my grandfather's
family came from to Israel.
We have returned to Warsaw, and a day after we
came by the train to Krakow, just to visit :-) Then, we went to Wroclaw (Breslau before
WWII), because Berta lived there before her transportation. We were also in Prague (for fun, again)
and in Terezin. Terzin was in WWII a camp that the Germans have kept Jews
before their transportations. We left Prague and
went to Berlin
for a little tour and a meeting with my dad. We rent a car and went to Emden, where Berta was
married in. A day after, we have visited in our last place in the trip- Trier, where Berta was born.
After this little visit in Trier, we went to
Frankfurt and took a flight back to Israel.

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