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Beijing to Reykjavik

By: sarah
trip planner

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Days: 100
Km: 22491
Posted: 27/10/2012
Updated: 27/10/2012
Types: Nature, Walking, Historic Places, Adults, Museums & Culture

From Beijing, China to Reykjavik, Iceland!
Starting with the Trans-Mongolian in Beijing, travel through China, Mongolia, Russia & finish in Helsinki, Finland.
From Finland fly to the UK and visit friends in England, most likely Manchester. Possibly visit Scotland if time permits. From UK fly to Belfast, Northern Ireland and roadtrip around Northern Ireland & Rep. Ireland (estimated 3-4 weeks) visiting family & friends.
Fly to Reykjavik, Iceland (possibly as stop over flight to Toronto). Spend 1-2 weeks in Iceland before flying to Toronto to visit friends. Fly back to UK.

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