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Route 66 Road Trip 2013

By: borat
trip planner

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Days: 21
Km: 4422
Posted: 17/08/2012
Updated: 17/08/2012
Types: Historic Places

Chicago to Saint Louis  297
Saint Louis to Springfield, Missouri 217
Springfield to Joplin 75
Joplin to Tulsa, Oklahoma 113
Tulsa to Oklahoma City 106
Oklahoma City to El Reno 29
El Reno to Clinton 59
Clinton to Amarillo, Texas 176
Amarillo to Albuquerque, New Mexico 288
Albuquerque to Flagstaff 322
Flagstaff to Meadview 217
Meadview to Las Vegas 125
Las Vegas to Barstow, California 168
Barstow to Victorville 32
Victorville to San Bernardino 41
San Bernardino to Pasadena 172
Pasadena to Santa Monica 25
Santa Monica to Carmel 325
Carmel to San Francisco 122

2462 miles from Chicago to Santa Monica

2909 miles including Santa Monica to San Franciso

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