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Arequipa is the capital city of the Arequipa Region in southern Peru. With a population of 904,931 it is the second most populous city of the country. Arequipa lies in the Andes mountains, at an altitude of 2,335 meters (7,661 feet) above sea level; the former snow-capped volcano El Misti overlooks (...) (from Wikipedia)


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From Trip: My South America Journey
By: GraemeBarrow

Day 42-45;
Peru’s second most important city after Lima, Arequipa, maintains a traditional colonial style and more laid back pace in comparison with the capital. Arequipa is built from a very light coloured volcanic rock called sillar, the older buildings dazzle in the sun, thus the nickname, “the White City.” The main plaza with its cafés and nearby cathedral is a top draw for visitors.

Those with an interest in history and architecture may take an optional visit to the Convent of Santa Catalina, offering a brief respite from the outside world and a unique
view into a by-gone way of life. Spectacular mountains surround Arequipa, the most famous of which is El Misti Volcano, at 5822 m (19096ft) and with a beautiful snow-capped peak .

Our overnight excursion to the Colca Canyon involves a remarkable drive through Inca
and pre-Inca terracing. Once at the Canyon we will look for the king of the Andes, the Andean Condor, as well as alpacas, llamas and vicuñas, while enjoying the stunning highland scenery.



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