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Often considered a gateway to New Zealand at large, Auckland is becoming a popular tourist destination in its own right. Visitors making their way to New Zealand will find plenty on offer in this city.
Most visitors planning a trip to Auckland will use Auckland International Airport as a starting point. It’s worth remembering though that the Ports of Auckland are popular stop-off points for cruises taking in Australia, New Zealand, and Southeast Asia.
Like much of New Zealand, the city – which is home to one third of the country’s population – is located amidst volcanic landscapes. Thankfully, the likes of Mount Eden, Mouth Victoria, and One Tree Hill are all dormant. They all offer fantastic views of the city and the surrounding area too, particularly Mount Eden which is the city’s highest natural point.
Those visiting Auckland may enjoy a walking trip of any of these volcanoes as well as a number of other scenic settings, including the stunning coastline and varied beaches. A ferry trip to Waiheke Island offers even more picturesque vistas to enjoy, including some fine vineyards.
Within the city itself, visitors can enjoy a vast array of restaurants, cafés, pubs, and clubs. The Waterfront area is particularly popular with locals and guests alike, while the harbor offers fantastic views of its own. Speaking of views, the Sky Tower is the tallest free-standing building in the Southern Hemisphere. Visitors making their way up the 1,076-foot building will be rewarded with stunning views of the city and beyond. The tower, which is part of a casino complex, even features a revolving restaurant.
The city is also home to the Auckland War Memorial Museum, New Zealand Maritime Museum, and the Museum of Transport and Technology, all of which make for an interesting addition to any Auckland trip plan. Families visiting the New Zealand city may also enjoy a visit to the Auckland Zoo or Kelly Tarlton’s Sea Life Aquarium.
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From Trip: New Zealand (Oct 16th - Nov 8th)
By: mykron19

10/16 - Day 1 - Arrive in NZ late in the night (11:45pm); stay overnight
10/17 - Day 2 - Explore Auckland; stay overnight
10/18 - Day 3 - Fly to Christchurch

From Trip: New Zealand (Oct 16th - Nov 8th)
By: mykron19

11/07 - day 23 - Drive 2h to Auckland and stay overnight
11/08 - day 24 - fly to SCL Chile

From Trip: New Zealand 2013
By: TheGlobetrotter80

  • Sky Tower
  • Queen Street, Auckland
From Trip: Our trip Of A Lifetime!
By: LisaMeredith

Once we get here, we are staying with my family in Orewa for a few days, then back to Auckland airport to the hired car to drive to see Ray's family.

From Trip: New Zealand 2014
By: Fattylim

Touch down at 12.10 Pm (SQ285)
Pick up car at 1PM

From Trip: 10 Day North Island Road Trip
By: Ashwin.samales

  • Rangitoto Island
  • Mount Victoria, Auckland
  • Auckland War Memorial Museum
  • One Tree Hill, New Zealand
  • Stardome Observatory
  • Mount Eden
  • Eden Park
  • Auckland Town Hall
  • Aotea Square
  • Auckland Civic Theatre
  • Auckland Art Gallery
  • Queen Street, Auckland
  • Sky Tower
  • Westhaven Marina
  • Auckland Harbour Bridge
From Trip: New Zealand
By: Bermingham

  • Sky Tower
From Trip: The Pacific
By: jumblehunter

  • Sky Tower
From Trip: NZT015-120515
By: fifitan

Day 1: 12/05 ??16:00?????
From Trip: NZT015-120515
By: fifitan

  • Auckland Domain
From Trip: 2015 USA Trip
By: pattirizer

Just a quick stopover and a few hours in Air New Zealand's Board Room

From Trip: emilysball's trip 2
By: emilysball

  • Mount Eden



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