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Trento (traditional English: Trent or local language: Trènt;) is an Italian city located in the Adige River valley in Trentino-Alto Adige/Südtirol. It is the capital of the region and of the Autonomous Province of Trento (...) (from Wikipedia)


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Medieval centre

Even the most dogged traveler cannot exhaust Italy. Each region
possesses individuality and unturned corners worth investigating.
Unassuming Trento in Trentino Alto-Adige is no exception.
Residents of Trento joke that their city is not a true part of Italy
but “South Austria.” Trento’s outward Italian identity crisis is due in
part to its proximity to the Austrian border as well as some border
revisions between Italy and Austria over the years. Visually it lives up
to the anomaly. Lying in a glacial valley of the Brent
Dolomites along the Adige River, the outskirts of Trento look like a
place where you could stumble upon a wandering Von Trapp leading a
billygoat by hand. Meanwhile, approaching the city by train from the
north or the south, it’s still very much Italy: the villages leading up
to Trento are bursting with vineyards.
Trento is worth a half or full day stopover on your way to Verona
to the south or Innsbruck to the north, or incorporate your visit into a
longer exploration of the region’s lake and mountain towns. Bolzano, a
40 minute train ride to the north is a gem. Completely bilingual in
Italian and German, it is a smaller, sunnier Innsbruck. Take advantage
of the mountains, Trento’s strongest asset, and enjoy the small city’s
taste and history where two cultures have melded.
How to do Trento in a day:
Obviously, few people holiday to Italy
for a day, but it is possible that you may want to visit Trento on a
day trip from a more “major” destination.  From the train station you
are already positioned close to the city center, which, like many
Italian cities small and large, is anchored around the Piazza del Duomo.
Follow brown tourist signs there by cutting through Piazza Dante
directly across from the station.
Trento’s center is enticing— a flinty Neptune and his scepter top a
Renaissance fountain where university students slouch with their friends
and couples share gelato from the Grom gelateria nearby. Grab a gelato
yourself (recommended: mela verde when it’s warm or the ciccolato
fondente when it’s cold) or have a coffee in one of the square’s café’s
with outdoor seating. Enjoy the scene of the piazza: the stately Duomo
and Neptune’s fountain are only overshadowed by the backdrop of



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