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Capri is a municipality of Campania, Italy, in the Province of Naples, situated on the island of Capri. It comprises the center and East of the island, while the West belongs to Anacapri. Sights in the municipality include Via Krupp, Faraglioni, Arco Naturale, Villa Jovis, Villa Lysis, Villa (...) (from Wikipedia)


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  • Capri Philosophical Park
  • Botanical Garden of Naples
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Places to see: Piazzetta, Natural Arch, Villa Jovis,Monte Solaro and blue Grotto:
Capri Island:  From Sorrento you can take a ferry (40 minutes, €13) or a hydrofoil (20 minutes, €15). a quick 30 minute ferry ride away from Sorrento - Capri is one of the most breath-taking enchanting spots on the planet.

 Capri, Marina Grande, Marina Piccola, Anacapri, Faro and Grotta Azzurra for as little as 1.30 euro. Little orange buses regularly go to these stops depending on the final destinations. Be warned though, since the Isle of Capri is almost always full of visitors, you will sometimes need to squeeze in the little buses:
Other than walking, the cheerful little orange buses are the least expensive way to get around the island - at least where motorized vehicles can go. Tickets can be purchased on the bus, from ticket offices near the piazzas in both Capri and Anacapri towns, and a ticket office at Marina Grande. There are both single-ride tickets, plus hourly and daily passes. The funicolare (which we didn't take) is a tram from Marina Grande up to Capri town and the wait to get on it can be long when a large ferry has just unloaded. 
The biggest is Villa Jovis in the eastern part of the island. Other villas that are considered tourist attractions are modern buildings.
The most popular activites on the island involve the natural beauty of the place – hiking, boating, and swimming are all common ways to spend a day on Capri. The highest point on the island, Monte Solaro, is accessible via a relatively easy trail. There are interesting rock formations around the island, including the Arco Naturale – a natural arch – on the east coast and a collection of three “stacks” just off the coast of the island.
 There’s a “philosophical” park on the western coast, established by a Swedish author and decorated with quotes from different philosophers.
The most famous natural landmark on the island, however, is the Blue Grotto – the Grotta Azzurra. When the weather and sunlight are just right, the interior of the sea cave glows with blue light. It’s only possible to enter when the tide and sea conditions permit, and even then the entrance is so small that visitors must lie on their backs in row boats to get in.
Capri, like the towns on the Amalfi Coast, is also noted for its high-end shopping.  
Average lunch/dinner cost for two: £25           Food to try: Tubettoni con cozze - Housemade pasta with mussels, cherry tomatoes and parsley.
Arancini - Deep fried risotto balls oozing with melted cheese and buttery mushrooms.
Fiori di Zucca Ripieni - Fried, yet delicate, zucchini flowers stuffed with salty anchovies and sweet, creamy ricotta.
Non veg:Linguine ai Frutti di Mare - Spoon and forked required as each bite of linguine is jam-packed with more seafood than physically possible to pack onto a single utensil.

Day 1: Well here is the most beautiful island of italy. There are many places to visit entire day would go in walking and seeing the these places. almost 5 hour time it do require to explore these places.
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Day 1:
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NO bike, en bus o taxi



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