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Since relieving itself of communism in 1989, tourism in Hungary has been on the increase. Today the landlocked country in central Europe proudly boasts being in the top 15 most visited countries in the world.

Many travelers that plan a trip to Hungary head straight for the capital city of Budapest, where a world of delights lay in wait. The city is home to some of Europe’s most stunning buildings, including the Hungarian Parliament Building, Buda Castle, the State Opera House and St. Stephen’s Basilica. Each of these offers a delightful afternoon of sightseeing as well as some splendid photo opportunities.

Budapest remains an emerging and youthful city. Plenty of tourists head to this part of the world looking to enjoy its vibrant culture and nightlife, as well as lower prices, either for a weekend or a short break.

Budapest also plays its part as Hungary’s travel hub. Budapest Ferenc Liszt International Airport is the country’s busiest airport and the primary gateway for those visiting. The city is also a major railway destination, with its three main stations serving cities across Budapest and Europe. The Venice Simplon-Orient-Express also calls at Budapest, replacing the original Orient Express that no longer serves Europe.

Those travelers looking to go beyond the capital will find an assortment of suitable destinations. One of the most popular of these, and one that appears on many Hungary trip plans, is Lake Balaton. 80 minutes east of Budapest, this giant fresh water lake – known as the “Hungarian Sea” – is the largest lake in central Europe. Visitors will find a number of resorts and hotels upon its shores, each offering a perfectly relaxed vacation.

Hungary is a beautiful country, something that can be seen in several of its World Heritage Sites. The Caves of Aggtelek and Slovak Karst – situated at the Slovakian border in the south – is a truly wondrous cave system featuring more than 700 individual caves. Meanwhile, Hortobagy National Park in eastern Hungary offers stunning vistas, flora and wildlife to witness.

Hungary is also home to a vast number of natural springs which have helped create a huge spa culture. From spa baths found beneath the Gellert Hotel in Budapest to private resort getaways, visitors will have a wide selection of places to let the body unwind.
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