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Zadar is a city in Croatia on the Adriatic Sea. It is the centre of Zadar county and the wider northern Dalmatian region. Zadar faces the islands of Ugljan and Pašman, from which it is separated by the narrow Zadar Strait (...) (from Wikipedia)

Zadar is both a Croatian and a Roman city, its old core strutting out into the Adriatic on a peninsula awash with historic buildings. As the sun sets (Alfred Hitchcock thought the world’s finest sunsets were in Zadar) its cafes, bars and seafood restaurants burst alive.
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From Trip: Dalmatia (Croatia) Driving Tour
By: yoel

Day 1: The Old Town peninsula is largely pedestrianised so walk into it through the grand Land Gate. Head down Siroka, the old Roman thoroughfare, to the expansive Roman Forum, around which lie both St. Donat’s Church
and the Cathedral of St. Anastasia. After lunch by the Adriatic head back around the wide waterfront walkway that leads back to the Land Gate then drive on to Murte.

  • Church of St. Donatus
  • Zadar Cathedral
From Trip: Trip around Europe
By: ledenica

  • Zadar Cathedral
  • Church of St. Donatus
  • Štefano Castle



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