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Located on the Dalmatian Coast in Southern Croatia, Split is becoming one of the country’s favored tourist destinations. Four hours from Zagreb and three hours from Dubrovnik, the city’s combination of historic buildings and coastal scenery, as well as some magical nearby islands, makes for a relaxing break.

Visitors planning a trip to Split generally fall into three categories: those arriving by air, road, and sea. Split Airport welcomes 1.5 million visitors annually, making it the second busiest airport in Croatia. However, the airport is fairly small and serves only a limited number of European cities, so it has become common for tourists to make the journey to Zagreb and travel south towards Split. The majority of visitors however arrive via sea. Approximately four million people arrive at Split Port every year, thanks to it being a popular place for cruise ships to drop anchor.

The city center itself is registered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and subsequently is home to numerous ancient and historic buildings and landmarks. Top of the list on many Split trip plans is a visit to Diocletian’s Palace, the retirement home of the Roman emperor.

Other popular landmarks and attractions in the city include St. Domnius Cathedral and Bell Tower, the statue of Gregory of Nin, and the Croatian National Theatre, both for its impressive architecture and its performances. The city also houses a host of museums for history buffs to sink their teeth into.

Those looking to relax beneath the Dalmatian Coast sun should head for Riva, the city’s waterfront district – which features numerous cafés and restaurants to enjoy a calming afternoon – or one of the region’s beaches. Alternatively, the likes of Hvar Island and the Island of Brac make for fantastic day trips or overnight stays. The scenery on offer, including the impressive views of the Adriatic Sea, is well worth the effort.

Bustling Split is a sultry, sexy Mediterranean port city that is evocatively crowded around a 1,700 year old Roman palace, Diocletian’s Palace. These days stylish cafes, trendy bars and chic restaurants occupy old Roman barracks and state rooms, but the pervading sense of history crowds all around this beguiling waterfront city and Croatia’s busiest ferry port
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From Trip: Dalmatia (Croatia) Driving Tour
By: yoel

Day 1: Park as close to Diocletian’s Palace as you can. Head for the Peristil at the center and enjoy a coffee amongst the ghosts that line this sunken square and the Cathedral of St. Domnius, which rises above. Exiting the Cathedral to the left descend into the subterranean vaults of the palace, which are lined with souvenir stalls, and emerge through the Bronze Gate on to the lifeblood Riva, the seafront boulevard where the locals come to see and be seen. Hang a right and walk around the water’s edge in search of the Mestrovic Gallery, before returning to Diocletian’s Palace for dinner. Overnight in Split.

  • Diocletian’s Palace
  • Split Cathedral
  • Split Riva
  • Mestrovic Gallery
From Trip: Vacanta
By: Mr_Katt

  • Mestrovic Gallery
  • Marjan
  • Split Science museum and Zoo
  • Split Cathedral
  • Solin Roman Amphitheatre
  • Klis Fortress
  • Kaštilac
  • Cambi Castle
  • Vitturi Castle
  • Cippico Castle
From Trip: 2014 Rattanaphasouk Trip
By: MichelleLam

  • Croatia Boat Show
From Trip: budapest croatia slovenia budapest
By: galia1960

  • Croatia Boat Show
From Trip: z
By: AnaZezolino

  • Croatia Boat Show
From Trip: Yacht Week
By: SierraKlein

Stay in hotel overnight Friday ($100-$150)

Yacht Week Saturday($650-$1000)
Additional Costs ($100-$150)

From Trip: Test
By: colin1

  • Croatia Boat Show
From Trip: Austria 2015
By: jennamcclure

  • Dalmatian Villa 2



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