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Old St Paul's Cathedral is a name used to refer to the medieval cathedral of the City of London which until 1666 stood on the site of the present St Paul's Cathedral. Built between 1087 and 1314 and dedicated to St Paul, the cathedral was the fourth church on the site at Ludgate Hill.Benham, 3–7 (...) (from Wikipedia).
This cathedral is architect Christopher Wren's most well known creation. It was constructed during the late 17th and early 18th centuries. Around its dome you can climb to the Golden Gallery, the Stone Gallery and the Whispering Gallery. If you go up 378 stairs to the Stone Gallery you will get to see a beautiful view of the city. In the crypt there are monuments in memory of 300 British war heroes. 
Entrance is at a fee. 
Address: St. Paul's Churchyard EC4
Underground station: St. Paul's.
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St. Paul's Cathedral trip planner
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