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Rouen is the historic capital city of Normandy, in northern France on the River Seine, and currently the capital of the Haute-Normandie (Upper Normandy) region. Once one of the largest and most prosperous cities of medieval Europe, Rouen was the seat of the Exchequer of Normandy in the Middle Ages (...) (from Wikipedia).
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From Trip: France/Milan/Amalfi/2013
By: leonierobyn

2 nights...Monday 3rd June, Tuesday 4th June.  

Day 1: 3rd June - Monday...We will be arriving in the evening.  Explore the area where we are staying.

Day 2: Tuesday 4th June...Visit Les Larmes de Jeanne d'Arc Rouen's famous chocolate shop - 163 rue du Gros Horloge. 
Notre Dame Cathedral near rue du Gros Horloge - contains the heart of Richard the Lionheart. 
Rick Steves walk is a good one which pretty much includes the above sites.

Depart for Bayeux Wednesday 5th June in the late afternoon.  Before we leave (Wednesday) visit Joan of arc museum.  5 Euro entry. April-Sept 9.30-6pm   Enter through the souvenir shop.  
Joan of Arc Tower (Le Tour Jeanne d'Arc)  rue du Bouvreuil...Joans prison before her death. Cross the moat and find three small floors covering tidbits of Joans history.  Closed Tuesday.

From Trip: paris1
By: zohar

  • Rouen Cathedral
From Trip: South of France
By: diana.popescu@gmail.

Se pleaca spre Rouen, cel mai important oras din nordul Normandiei. Se viziteaza Orasul Vechi cu strazile sale inguste si cele 800 de case din lemn ilustrand stralucit arhitectura Evului Mediu. Se viziteaza Catedrala, Arcada Marelui Orologiu , Place de Vieux-Marche, locul unde a fost arsa pe rug Jeanne d’Arc . Cazare zona Rouen hotel Ibis sau similar.

From Trip: Europe
By: nzone

  • Rouen Cathedral
From Trip: Rouen
By: HadyN

  • Rouen Cathedral
From Trip: Normandy
By: ratgem.shetty

  • Rouen Cathedral
From Trip: To Normandy
By: brodel2012

  • Rouen Cathedral
From Trip: wvdh's trip 1
By: wvdh

campingplaats1294 of 1287

19 rue grande Fladre

Neufchatel en bray

Rue mainberte


From Trip: easter road trip
By: CarlNilsson

  • Rouen Cathedral



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