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Amiens is a city and commune in northern France, north of Paris and south-west of Lille. It is the capital of the Somme department in Picardy. The city had a population of 136,105 according to the 2006 census. (...) (from Wikipedia).
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From Trip: France/Milan/Amalfi/2013
By: leonierobyn

2 nights...Saturday 1st June, Sunday 2nd June.  

Day 1: 1st June, Saturday....
Depart Paris after picking up hire car from CDG.

Walk around the medievel district of Saint Leu nicknamed "Little Venice of the North".
Start at the cathedral Notre-Dame. Circle the cathedral counter clockwise and you are at the epicentre of Amiens, on the square and Rue Flatters.  From the cathedral keep following Rue Flatters to the corner of Rue des Vergeaux and from there go straight (along Rue du Marche Lanselle) to the direction of the Saint-Leu district. This is a very quiet and nice medieval waterside area.  If you are in Amiens in the late afternoon, remember - here in St-Leu area they concentrate the nightlife. Antique shops, restaurants, bars, craft stalls... Then from Rue St-Leu make a right turn (before the St-Leu church) to Rue de Majots and slow down near the bridge ( near Place Parmantier). One more right turn and one more immediate right and you go to Rue de Hocquet (you see the cathedral on your lefthand side). Finally you approach the main entrance to the cathedral.  one more important place here - Jules Verne's house. It has happened - the great French writer married a local woman and spent several decades here... It was a happy and great life. You will find this house not far from the railroad station on Rue Charles Dubois,2. 
Day 2: 2nd June, Sunday..
Visit the underground city of Naours, "a network of man-made tunnels chiselled out by centuries of hiding peasants" about half an hour from Amiens. 10E entry.
In the afternoon visit and take a walk along the old towpath at Hortillonnages of Amiens - floating gardens surrounded by canals.
In the evening visit the Notre Dame Cathedral which is illuminated during summer. (Sleep)
Depart for Rouen late Monday 3rd June after Somme Tour (Terre De Memoire 9-5)

From Trip: zhannak's trip 2
By: zhannak

  • Amiens Cathedral



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