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This village is famous thanks to the house of painter Claude Monet, and the gardens which surround it. The painter, considered today to be one of the founding fathers of French impressionism, rented a large house in Giverny in 1884. Since then, and for the next 43 years, until he died at the ripe old age of 86, Monet lived in his house in Giverny. He ceaselessly painted the village landscapes, especially focusing on his own garden, thus introducing these places to the world, and making them immensely famous. The house and garden, currently operated by the 'Claude Monet Foundation', were renovated and restored over a period of ten years, and were open to the public in 1980. Today, great efforts are made to keep the place looking much like it did in the 19th century.
In fact there are two separate gardens to see, each one very distinct from the other in terms of how they were designed and cultivated. Right near the house, rows of colorful flowerbeds stretch on endlessly. Mostly daffodils, irises, tulips and rhododendrons start to bloom in the spring. In several corners there are there are small square sections of grass offering some shelter from the sun, climbing plants and wooden benches. The gardeners of the estate plant about one hundred thousand seasonal flowers each year in this part of the garden. Then, there is a small tunnel which passes under the local road, and leads you into what is essentially an entirely separate garden. Taking a walk down the path will lead you to the most famous site in all of Giverny – Monet's water lily pond.
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claude monet casa memoriala si garden (lac nuferi) Se continua drumul spre Giverny (93 km), locul unde a trait si a creat pictorul Claude Monet. Se viziteaza casa artistului si gradinile care l-au inspirat si care sunt un veritabil spectacol floral, fiind reconstituie dupa picturile artistului.



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